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Police: No gun or hit list found on student at Brookhaven High School

Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins said officers surrounded the campus of Brookhaven High School before class started Thursday after rumors surfaced that a student planned to bring a gun to campus and possibly had a hit list of targets.

“We had every corner of the school covered,” he said.

The student was located, but not a gun or a list.

“Kids were talking like someone was going to come to the school with a gun,” Collins said.

Officers stopped the student at the office when his father checked him into school.

“His father came and checked him in and they were waiting for him,” he said.

The student and his mother talked with Collins at the police station. Collins said they did not uncover a hit list or a gun and the student is not facing criminal charges.

“There might be some bullying going on,” he said.

School officials posted a statement on the Brookhaven School District Facebook page Thursday: “There were rumors of a possible incident at BHS this morning. All rumors are taken seriously, and the issue was investigated and addressed. The school was never on lockdown and no issue presented itself. If you ever have concerns, feel free to contact your school administrator as quickly as possible. The safety of our students is always a priority in the Brookhaven School District.”

Principal David Martin said all rumors are taken seriously and investigated.

“Safety’s always going to be our No. 1 concern,” he said.