Run the Civic Center like a home on a budget

Published 7:15 pm Tuesday, May 22, 2018

In regards to your article in (Tuesday’s) paper pointing to the fact “All five commissioners upset with comments of ‘unprofessional’ supervisors,” I would like to interject a taxpayer’s view. The LLC is, in fact, a taxpayer-subsidized entity and needs to be held to the same standards as any other government entity. So, if the Board of Supervisors speaks to defend the taxpayers of Lincoln County, Quinn Jordan and all five of the LCC Commission Board members should grow up and put on their big boy panties. The LCC is running on its own with limited control or oversight by supervisors to protect taxpayers. To try to prove my point here are a couple of facts.

First, if my recollection is accurate, the camping area was a ruse from the very beginning. During its proposal there was a private entity attempting to get city zoning approval for a camper park. That petition was rejected because our city fathers did not want “extended camping” and a private enterprise could not ensure a maximum of two weeks per camper. By approving a city/county owned camping site this regulation could be strictly enforced. Well, the camping site at the LCC is and has been the permanent residence of several campers.

With the tax money allocated in the county/city budget, the ball park that everyone connected to the LCC claims $3 million-plus annual revenue for the city and Lincoln County (from) the annual fair, the camping, the softball complex, the rodeo, rental of the building and rental of the arena for private events. There should never have been a request by Quinn Jordan for additional funds when schools are under-funded, county roads need paving, bridges need replacing and every other government entity facing a shortfall. Run the LCC like we have to run our household. If the pantry is bare, go hungry!

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Ollie Akmenkalns of Brookhaven