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Callie’s Mission to host festival

A local nonprofit organization founded in honor of a high school student is hosting its first ever festival. 

Callie’s Palooza is an event in honor of Callie Cole, a Brookhaven Academy student who was injured in a car wreck nine years ago. All money raised at the event will go to the Callie’s Mission scholarship fund, which is used to send young missionaries around the world.

“We just wanted to do something special for Callie’s birthday, and we hope it will encourage people to come out to learn more about Callie’s story and understand more how it ties into spreading the Christian Gospel,” said Marty Lewman, a Callie’s Mission board member and relative.

Callie’s Palooza will be held at the Brookhaven Exchange Club Park on June 22 and 23.  There will be food and games, and the park’s rides will be running during the event.  Armbands for admission to the rides are $10. 

Bingo and local entertainment will be available as well, and there will be an evening 5K on that Friday, June 22. 

Named after Callie Cole, Callie’s Mission is an organization started by Jamie Gatlin and Cole’s family.  On September 10, 2009, Cole suffered head trauma following an accident that occurred only miles from her home. 

Because of her injuries, she slipped into a coma. Through intensive physical therapy, Cole has regained some of her motor skills and her ability to communicate.

The purpose of Callie’s Mission is to raise money for high school and college students to participate in spreading the Christian Gospel.  The organization sponsors students to go on mission trips in her honor.

“Since Callie is not able to go, this has been established so that others can be the hands and feet of Callie.  Hopefully one day she’ll be able to go herself,” Lewman said.

To find out more about Callie’s Mission, visit calliesmission.org.

Callie’s Mission can be reached by calling 601-734-2867 or emailing calliesmission@yahoo.com.

Story by Gracie Byrne