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Grand jurors decline to indict officers in shooting deaths

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Grand jurors in Mississippi’s most populous county have declined to indict four officers involved in recent shooting deaths.

Hinds County grand jurors declined to indict Rakasha Adams or Albert Taylor, two officers who grand jurors say were involved in the Jan. 27 shooting death of Crystalline Barnes. Family members of Barnes have alleged that officers were not justified in shooting the 21-year-old woman. Police say Barnes was driving her vehicle toward officers.

Jurors also declined to indict Adams in a 2017 shooting death.

Also not indicted were officers Roy Dickerson and Warren Hull. The Clarion Ledger reports the narcotics officers were investigating possible drug activity when they came in contact with two men who immediately ran. Police say 37-year-old Lee Edward Bonner was shot after he fired at officers.