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Wesson, Brookhaven send tennis stars to MAC All-Star game

The Mississippi Association of Coaches selected three locals as representatives for the All-Star tennis team.

Reid Crow of Wesson and Will Moak of Brookhaven were selected to represent the South in the All-Star Match, while Brookhaven High School tennis coach Nancy Fisher was selected to be the coach of the team.

The top six senior tennis players were selected by the MAC to compete in the matches next week. The South team’s boys will compete against the North’s teams boys, and vice versa for the girls.

Reid Crow

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College tennis signee said he was extremely happy to get selected to compete in the MAC All-Star Match.

“To get an opportunity to play in this match is a tremendous opportunity,” Crow said.

Crow played varsity tennis for five years for Wesson High School, and finished second in the state this season in 3A boys singles.

He’ll continue his career in Wiggins next season, as he competes for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

“I’m really excited for the competition at Gulf Coast,” Crow said. “There are a lot of great, hard working coaches there and I’m excited to get the opportunity.”

Crow said he had a great experience at Wesson High School competing for the Cobras’ tennis program.

“It was tremendous,” Crow said. “Being able to play with some great friends was great. It was a really great community atmosphere here at Wesson. It was a great career.”

Will Moak

The Brookhaven High School senior decided to hang up his tennis racket at the end of 2018 to be a full-time student at Mississippi State.

He’ll get one more match next week, however, as Moak was selected to the MAC All-Star team.

“It’s really a neat opportunity,” Moak said. “Even though I’m not playing at the college level, it’s really cool to be selected to play in this.”

Moak will get one more opportunity to play for Brookhaven High School tennis coach Nancy Fisher, as she was selected as head coach for the South team in the All-Star game.

“It’s really cool that she’s my coach,” Moak said. “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be special to play for her one more time.”

Nancy Fisher

After coaching Brookhaven High School’s tennis team to a South State championship appearance against Stone High School, Fisher was selected to be the head coach for the South team in the MAC All-Star match.

“We’re really looking forward to it,” Fisher said. “It’s going to be a great experience for all of the players.”

Becky Green, another Brookhaven High School tennis coach, was also selected to be an assistant coach for the matches.

The format will be that of a college format, where the six players from the selected boys’ and girls’ teams will pair up to play three doubles matches, and then there will be six singles matches to follow.

The matches will take place in Jackson at Parham Bridges Tennis Center.