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Lawrence County deputies seeking toothless man after crash

Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for a man with no teeth.

Sheriff Lessie Butler said the suspect may have been involved in a hit and run Saturday night and they want to talk to him. They believe the driver of the vehicle they found may be the same man who came out of the woods Sunday around lunchtime in the rain and knocked on the door of a house near Oakvale.

He asked through the closed door for a towel and dry clothes.

Butler said adults weren’t at the home and the young girl and her siblings wouldn’t oblige his request.

“She said she couldn’t talk to strangers and locked the door,” he said. “She didn’t see which direction he went but thinks he was picked up by someone.”

She gave deputies a description, which was posted on social media.

“Attention Arm and Oakvale residents,” it read. “There is a male that was involved in a hit and run that is going to houses in the area. He is wearing a brown cap, blue jeans and a T-shirt. He also has no teeth.”

Deputies found a white Ford truck Saturday night at the corner of Stump Town Road and Hwy. 43. The front end was damaged and the driver was nowhere around. The vehicle is registered to a man in Marion County but, so far, authorities have not been able to track him down.

They want to know if another vehicle is involved and if anyone injured.

If anyone has information about the accident or the driver, call 601-587-2961.