BPD reports armed robbery call Tuesday

Published 8:59 pm Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department reports for Tuesday were as follows:

• Intoxicated driver on Brookway Boulevard

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• Alarm on West Court Street

• Alarm on Sawmill Lane

• Alarm on Hwy. 51 N

• Trespassing on St. George Street

• Traffic stop on South Jackson Street

• Disturbance on Cherokee Street

• Attempted burglary on Crooked Lane

• Suspcious vehicle on Crooked Lane

• Stolen gun on Brookwood Drive

• Alarm on Livingston Road

• Vehicle accident on South Whitworth Avenue

• Fire on Old Hwy. 51 N

• Armed robbery on Georgia Avenue

• Traffic accident on Halbert Heights Road

• Found property on Brookway Boulevard

• Unlock on Brookway Boulevard

• Vehicle accident on Brookway Boulevard

• Road block on Curran Avenue

• Suspicious vehicle on Union Church Road

• Alarm on Hwy. 84 E

• Traffic stop on South First Street

• Traffic accident on Brookhaven Street

• Traffic stop on Hwy. 51 N

• Reckless driving on Washington Street

• Disturbance on South First Street

• Suspicious person on North Jackson Street

• Extra patrol on Loblolly Lane

• Alarm on South Church Street

Sheriff reports

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports for Monday-Tuesday were as follows:

• Disturbance on Georgia Avenue

• Stranded motorist on Chippewa Street

• Alarm on Lambert Lane

• Alarm on Nalco Lane

• Disturbance on Morgans Lane

• Traffic stop at Enterprise playground

• Medical assistance on Vista Lane

• Suspicious vehicle on Brister Street

• Suspicious vehicle on Shelton Lane

• Transport, Sports Medicine

• Disturbance on Brookway Boulevard Extension

• Repossession on County Farm Lane

• Transport, Medical Mall

• Traffic assistance on Hunters Road

• Traffic accident at Scrub-a-Dub

• Escort, Misty Lane

• Suspicious vehicle on Reeves Road