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KDMC Foundation ready to wrap it up

Master the art of wrapping Christmas presents.

Cut the paper straight, no jagged edges. Place the box in the middle, longways, and trim the excess. Do that nifty move that tucks the paper underneath and, somehow, makes the ends come together square and smooth. Place the ribbon between your thumb and the scissor blade — strip, and curl. Do not bleed all over the present when you cut yourself.

Or, just take your gifts to the King’s Daughters Medical Center Foundation and let the hospital folks wrap them for you for $1.

“I just thought it would be fun to get everybody together from the foundation, along with our hospital employees, and have a little fellowship and get in the Christmas spirit,” said KDMC Foundation Board President Melissa Leggett.

The foundation’s “Wrap Up Christmas” event will be held from 1 to 6 p.m. on Dec. 19 and 20. Anyone needing help getting their Christmas presents wrapped can drop them off at the foundation office at 418 Hwy. 51 North and pay $1 per item to have the present neatly wrapped and ribboned by foundation members and volunteers from the hospital.

The foundation will also accept any donations made at “Wrap Up Christmas” and offer information about the group and the work it does to promote KDMC. Visitors will sign in their presents to make sure everyone gets back what they dropped off for wrapping.

Leggett said the event would be great for last-minute shoppers, working moms who haven’t had time to get everything wrapped and men who, for the most part, are terrible at gift-wrapping.

“I know my husband will probably bring something by,” she said.

Foundation Director Jeff Richardson said the $1 charges and any donations taken up go straight to the group’s mission of supporting KDMC. The foundation has helped raise money and pay for hospital expansions and programs like the construction of endoscopy suites, security upgrades to the labor and delivery suites, construction of the Willing Hearts Memorial Garden and renovations around the hospital.

“All proceeds go right back to supporting the hospital,” Richardson said. “Instead of throwing those unwrapped gifts in a gift bag, bring it to us and let us make it look nice and pretty.”

Melissa Leggett, KDMC Foundation board president