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New doors at BA are a Grand thing

Students at Brookhaven Academy can start the new school year secure that the GrandCougars care about their safety.

The grandparents’ club — though it’s open to students’ other relatives as well — recently assisted with two projects involving the elementary building at the school.

“We love the school, we love the kids and we just want to be involved in their education and their lives,” member and past President Sandra Martin said.

The club donated the remainder of the money needed to purchase new security doors for all classrooms in the elementary building. These doors are made of solid wood and have security locks that can be opened only from the inside of the classroom.

The doors are meant to be difficult to break through in incidents such as an active shooter on campus. The grandparents’ club toured Monday after the doors were installed so they could see the results of their donation.

“We want to help our faculty and students any way we can,” club President Gloria Ratliff said.

The GrandCougars also helped fund new bathroom floors in the students’ bathrooms in the elementary building.

They’re currently working toward the purchase of swing sets for the playgrounds available for first graders and above.

The purpose of the GrandCougars Club is to provide support and services to further the school’s mission as a Christian educational center. The club meets on campus on the second Monday of each month at noon, except for May and June.

At the beginning of each school year, the club approaches the principals of the high school and elementary and requests a wish list of items needed but aren’t necessarily in the budget.

“We just want to help in any way we can,” Ratliff said.

Once a list is created, the GrandCougars get busy finding the money, either through gathering donations or conducting fundraisers.

Club members also volunteer at school events held throughout the year. Members of the club can help with athletic events, such as making desserts for the coach’s lounge and working concession stands.

Grandparents can also help with everyday activities, such as reading to classrooms, helping smaller children eat lunch, giving presentations or simply taking popsicles out to athletes at the end of a hot practice.

The GrandCougars Club was founded in 2015. Dues for the club are $15 for one person and $25 for a couple.

For more information, contact Brian Emory at 601-833-4041.

Story by Gracie Byrne.