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Needless violence too common in city

Why? That’s the question many are asking after a 21-year-old woman was murdered Saturday night in Brookhaven.

Why did four men break into her home to take what was not theirs? Why did they shoot her when she confronted them?

Why did one of the suspects kidnap his teenage girlfriend as part of his getaway plan?

Why did the same suspect barricade himself in a Copiah County home? Why was an officer shot in the back (his vest saved him)?

The “whys” are likely unanswerable, and that’s what makes the news of the past few days so hard to read.

It’s not the first time the news has been hard to read this year. Just a few weeks ago, a 7-year-old was fatally shot in a drive-by. A suspect has been charged in his murder.

Before that, a man was found murdered on Crooked Lane. No arrest has been made in that case.

Brookhaven is no stranger to crime and violence, but it feels like it has experienced more than its share the past few years.

It’s normal to ask: Why here? Why does this keep happening in Brookhaven? There are no clear answers.

Does the court system fail to convict those who are guilty of crimes? Are plea bargains used too frequently? Are repeat offenders too often put back on the street?  Are gangs to blame? What about drugs? Does the police department have the manpower, training and resources it needs?

The answers won’t come easy, but for the sake of this community, we hope and pray they will be addressed.

Something must change in Brookhaven.