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There’s a new sheriff in Lawrence County

The newly-elected sheriff of Lawrence County has plans bigger than his cowboy hat.

Republican Ryan “Hoss” Everett beat incumbent Democrat Lessie Butler Tuesday night, 2,728 votes to 2,083 in unofficial results.

That means Everett received 53.07 percent of the votes cast to Butler’s 40.52 percent.

Willie Collins Jr., who ran as an independent, earned 202 votes and Shelton Jackson, who also ran as an independent, received 124 votes. Combined, they made up the remaining 6.4 percent of the votes cast.

Everett, of the Carmel community, said he is the first Republican in Lawrence County to win a contested race on the Republican ticket in a countywide race .

“I can’t help but be proud of that,” he said.

Everett was chief investigator in Lawrence County until January when he put in his bid for Butler’s badge.

He is currently working as a deputy in the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

His campaign slogan was to put “Law” back in Lawrence County.

“And that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” he said. “We’re going to work for the people who pay our salaries. I know a county our size won’t never get all the crime out of it but we can get on top of it and stay on top of it and hopefully deter a lot of it.”

Everett laid out his plans Wednesday.

“First thing is to make sure you’ve got trained, competent staff. Second thing you’re going to do is make sure they receive continuous training. And the third thing you’re going to do is to completely change the way you’ve been doing things for the last few years, like maintain a pro-active vigilant criminal patrol,” he said.

Butler spent Wednesday picking up campaign signs that he likely won’t use again. After 46 years at Georgia Pacific, 33 years in the military, 16 years as a constable and four years as sheriff, Butler is ready to retire and travel. He wants to spend time visiting his grandchildren.

He said he wished the best for Everett.

“If I can be a help any way to help the county going forward, I don’t mind doing what we can,” he said.

Unofficial results of other district and county races in Lawrence County:

• District attorney, District 15: Republican Hal Kittrell, 4,000

• State Senate District 39: Republican Sally Doty, 4,009

• State House of Representatives District 53: Democrat Rita Wilkinson Goss, 135; Republican Vince Mangold, 1,100

• State House of Representatives District 91: Democrat Bob Evans, 2,955

• State House of Representatives District 92: Republican Becky Currie, 307

• Chancery Clerk: Democrat Kevin Rayborn, 4,546

• Circuit Clerk: Democrat J. “Sandy” Brister, 4,199

• Coroner: Republican “Tony” Buchanan Jr., 2,105; Democrat Sandra W. Lambert, 2,938

• County attorney: independent Damond Ready, 4,224

• County surveyor: Republican Monty E. Sanders, 4,050

• Tax assessor: Republican Sherry Hyde Thames, 4,164

• Supervisor District 1: Republican Steve M. Garrett, 892

• Supervisor District 2: Republican Delane C. Ervin, 538; Democrat Billy Showers, 486, and independent Cedric Alexander, 116

• Supervisor District 3: Republican Jimmy Glenn Ard, 698; Democrat Jerry Wayne Smithie, 453

• Supervisor District 4: Democrat Stanley L. Stephens, 787

• Supervisor District 5: Republican Ronnie Fortenberry, 382; Democrat Archie Ross, 573

• Justice Court Judge Post 1: independent Albert Turnage, 1,892

• Justice Court Judge Post 2: Republican Donald G. Mullins, 2,352

• Constable Post 1: Democrat Clifford Butler, 2,126

• Constable Post 2: Democrat Gregory L. May, 494; Republican Royce Jay Renfroe, 2,137