BPD reports a call of counterfeit money Tuesday

Published 7:27 pm Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Police reports

The Brookhaven Police Department’s reports for Tuesday were as follows:

• Alarm on East Monticello St.

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• Medical problem on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard

• Alarm on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard

• Alarm on Hwy. 51 N

• Alarm on Loblolly Lane

• Traffic stop on Main Street

• Unlock on Hwy. 51 N

• Residential burglary on Georgia Avenue

• Traffic accident on East Manufacturers Boulevard

• Unlock on North Third Street

• Traffic stop on South First Street

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic stop on East Monticello Street

• Ambulance assist on South First Street

• Reckless driving on Natchez Avenue

• Ambulance assist on South Martin Luther King Jr Drive

• Stalking on Brookhaven Street

• Traffic accident on North Jackson Street

• Disturbance on Brookway Boulevard

• Traffic accident on Brookway Boulevard

• Shoplifter on North Jackson Street

• Harassment on Hwy. 51 S

• Alarm on West Congress Street

• Traffic accident on East Highland Drive

• Disturbance on Hwy. 51 NE

• Escort, Schwem Avenue

• Traffic stop on Penn/Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

• Counterfeit money on Brookway Boulevard

• Suspicious vehicle on Country Club Road

• Unlock on Old Wesson Road

• Suspicious vehicle on South Church Street

Sheriff’s reports

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports for Tuesday were as follows:

• Suspicious vehicle on James Drive

• Traffic stop on Industrial Park Road

• Extra patrol on Gill Drive

• Repossession on Auburn Drive

• Traffic accident on Belt Line Drive

• Transport, James/Whitfield

• Traffic accident on Freeman Road/Hwy. 51

• Repossession on Anding Circle

• Suspicious vehicle on Richardson Lane

• Disturbance on Wellman Drive

• Transport, Youth Court

• Disturbance on Pleasant Grove Road

• Suspicious vehicle on Mound Road

• Escort, Denton Trail

• Traffic stop on Brookway Boulevard

• Improper parking on Brumfield Road

• Traffic stop on I-55 NB

• Alarm on Heucks Retreat Road

• Break-in on Jackson Liberty Drive

• Livestock on roadway on Wallace Drive

• Suspicious vehicle on Beltline Drive

• Suspicious vehicle on Dunn Ratcliff Road

• Traffic stop on Sams Road