Former softball coach named BHS’s top teacher

Published 9:18 pm Thursday, February 13, 2020

When Brookhaven native Megan Case was chosen as Brookhaven High School’s 2019 Teacher of the Year, she described the experience as “surreal.”

“Having the pleasure of growing up in Brookhaven and coming back, being able to walk these same halls now as a teacher that I did as a student, having the chance to work alongside some of the same amazing teachers who taught and inspired me ​and trying to make an impact on students the same way I was impacted, I am just thankful I get the opportunity to be a part of my school,” Case said. “My goal has always been to positively impact and encourage my community and school like I was impacted and encouraged while I was growing up here.”

Case graduated in 2004 from BHS, where she had a passion for softball. Her own softball coach was Lisa Covington — also an English teacher. English has always been a subject that Case enjoyed, and when the time came for Case to attend Mississippi State University, she followed in her coach’s footsteps.

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After graduating, Case returned to BHS to teach English and coach softball. Case said she coached for eight years, when she stepped down to spend more time with her family, but she has continued to teach English and is always finding new reasons to enjoy teaching it.

“That was when I realized God’s plan for me was to learn to love teaching through coaching,” Case said. “If it weren’t for coaching, I may not have chosen this profession, but God knew where I needed to be and used the game of softball to get me here. Now that I am no longer a coach, I have clearly seen how much I truly love being a teacher.”

Case teaches English IV, advanced placement literature and advanced placement language. She has three siblings, is married to Landon Case and has two children, Alli and Adam. Her mother is Macie Bateman, who is also retired from teaching elementary school for the Brookhaven School District.

Case said she loves her school, and her favorite part of being a teacher is the relationships she forms with her students. She has been teaching at BHS for 11 years.

“Brookhaven High School always has an abundance of incredible teachers, so I am honored to have been chosen,” she said. “I love my school and love my community and am thankful God has allowed teaching to be my calling.”