First confirmed case of COVID-19 in Lawrence County

Published 8:51 am Friday, March 20, 2020

The Town of Monticello issued a statement this morning saying Lawrence County now has its first confirmed case of COVID-19.

“Please stay home!,” the statement posted on social media reads. “This can be contained if we don’t mingle with others.”

The statement urges those who do not or cannot stay at home to utilize drive-through banks and food service windows.

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“Sanitize your hands after every touch of surfaces! Take this seriously!” the statement concludes.

Wednesday, Mayor Martha Watts and the town’s Board of Aldermen met to address concerns over the virus, resulting in a proclamation from the town. The proclamation was posted on the town’s online presence Thursday afternoon.

Since the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 “and the effects of its extreme risk of person-to-person transmission throughout the United States and Mississippi significantly impacts the life and health of our people, as well as the economy of Mississippi and the Town of Monticello,” the proclamation reads, and since the risk of spread of the virus constitutes a public emergency, the Town and board order and direct as follows:

“1. It is recommended that all restaurants within the town of Monticello … immediately take all necessary measures to ensure that gatherings larger than 10 persons not occur inside their facilities,” with seating rearranged and buffets/salad bars not be directly accessible by patrons.

“2. The use of drive through windows and curbside or other delivery service is highly recommended.”

“3. Restaurants and other businesses should endeavor to utilize sanitation procedures at all times to protect  the health and safety of their employees and customers.”

These restrictions went into effect immediately.