College students may get refunds for spring semester

Published 2:09 pm Thursday, April 16, 2020

Refunds are being issued at community colleges and universities all across the state.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, institutes of higher education are closing their doors and switching to online classes. Because of this, many colleges are issuing refunds to students.

These refunds include housing fees, meal tickets and parking fees.

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Copiah-Lincoln Community College will issue housing and meal plan refunds prorated from March 16. These refunds will be applied to any outstanding charges and then students will receive any remaining funds.

If housing or meal plans were paid by Co-Lin institutional, Foundation or athletic scholarships, the student will not receive a refund. Students who withdrew from the college prior to March 16 will not receive a refund either.

As for public universities in Mississippi, students who are eligible will receive a refund for housing fees. Students who aren’t graduating will receive credit for meal tickets and parking fees. Graduating students will receive refunds for meal tickets and parking fees.

Refunds will be prorated for the day students would have returned from spring break. Fees paid with institutional, foundation or athletic scholarships will not be refunded.

Refunds will be applied to any outstanding balances owed to the respective college or university. Remaining funds will then be issued to the student either by direct deposit or by mail, depending on the policy of the college.

Students who withdrew from their respective college or university prior to the prorated date will not receive a refund.

This guidance was given by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning to all public colleges and universities in the state.

Private colleges and universities across the state are approaching the situation as individual institutions.

Mississippi College will be issuing prorated refunds to students for the unused portion of their housing and board fees.

Blue Mountain College plans to provide prorated refunds to students who are eligible. No refunds will be given to students for costs paid for by scholarships or financial aid.

Belhaven University will not issue refunds to students for meal plans, and refunds for housing will not be available unless students completely withdraw from the university.

Millsaps College will issue prorated refunds for housing and meal costs for when students were told not to return to campus.