Belhaven University offers full-tuition scholarships for graduate degrees

Published 8:14 am Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Belhaven University, in Jackson, announced Tuesday it would provide full-tuition scholarships for all traditional students who enroll for one of its online graduate degrees.

“In the midst of this dramatic rise in COVID-19 infections, we cannot operate in normal ways and expect a good outcome,” said Belhaven University Dr. Roger Parrott. “I’m thrilled we can be the only university in America responding to COVID-19 with such an innovative solution that will propel our students academically and in their future careers.”

For students in 2020, the immediate challenges can be overwhelming. From masks and social distancing to smaller audiences for events and postponed sports, COVID-19 has put many limitations on the typical Belhaven campus experience.

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“College should be the best years of your life,” said Parrott. “This will not be the year our students planned when they first dreamed about going to college. Free master’s degrees is our way of helping our students push through these hard adjustments, in order to succeed at an even higher level educationally.”

The scholarship is for freshmen, transfers and all returning students who enroll for the fall semester’s traditional campus program. Students must also stay enrolled every semester as a full-time, traditional-campus students until they graduate from Belhaven. The full-tuition scholarship can be used for any BU graduate degree.

Belhaven University is anticipating a strong year for enrollment. For Mississippi students who decide to stay closer to home and enroll, Belhaven is guaranteeing a minimum scholarship of $12,500 to the Mississippi Class of 2020 high school graduates, and community college transfers.

“We are expecting one of our best academic years ever as Belhaven’s online undergraduate and graduate programs continue to grow,” said Parrott.

In 2019, the University instituted another innovative advantage for students perusing a double major. The University is offering a fifth year-tuition free scholarship for double major students. Students must come as freshmen and stay continuously enrolled. If their completion of a double major requires a ninth or 10th semester, their extra year of study will be tuition free.

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