Some of my friends are for it and some against it

Published 3:41 pm Friday, October 2, 2020


Some of my friends are for it and some of my friends are against it and … I am for my friends.

When either friend actually reads Constitutional Amendment 65 placed on the election ballot this November 3rd, they are BOTH AGAINST it. ONLY if you read the Redline of Amendment 65 will you know specifically what it states. It was craftily designed by attorneys to solely benefit a big money new marijuana cartel at the detriment of all Mississippians. The cartel has spent over $3,000,000 to form this new business to sell marijuana to the public. 

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The reason why BOTH friends vote AGAINST it?

The following statements give you factual references to the seven page Constitutional Amendment 65 that you won’t see on the ballot when you’re in the voting booth:

The Constitutional amendment overrides and supersedes state laws and regulations: No product has ever been placed in the constitution. This cartel will be untouchable by state laws or regulations. No product has ever been exempt. The legislature and executive branches cannot change the provisions in this amendment without a new citizen initiative put on the ballot in four more years.

State, cities and counties CAN NOT tax or fee anything to do with marijuana. Imagine a product that can’t be taxed by our state. Casinos, Cigarettes, alcohol and gas all provide tax revenue to our state for critical needs such as roads and bridges, education, law enforcement, and much, much more. (Section 6 and 8(3))

The Marijuana Cartel KEEPS 100% of the revenue in a Special Fund for the sole purpose of growing the marijuana business. Sales of marijuana will assess a fee or charge (they don’t call it a tax) but it is equivalent to the sales tax rate.

Cities will not be able to specially zone Marijuana businesses that are able to locate anywhere a pharmacy or other businesses can locate or anywhere in counties lacking zoning regulations.

There is no limit on the number of marijuana businesses.

The distance from schools and churches is reduced by two thirds from 1,500 feet to 500 feet to locate any marijuana business. This applies to any and all aspects of marijuana from seed to sale. Pungent fields of marijuana can give off a terrible stench like a skunk to neighborhoods and other surrounding areas. (Section 8(4))

“Treatment Center” is all encompassing by definition to mean any and all types of activity relating to the growing, processing (“Process”) and sale of marijuana. Dispensaries are nothing more than pot shops. (Section 4 (7) (10))

No prescriptions are needed for medical marijuana as there is no such thing as it being a true medical product. Therefore, physicians cannot prescribe it — they can only CERTIFY citizens that a person is eligible to receive a medical marijuana card. (Section 4 (11)) 

“Debilitating medical condition” is defined within the text as any “chronic or debilitating pain or similar medical condition,” out of an extensive list of medical conditions, enabling nearly anyone to become certified. (Section 4 (3))

Underage children with the “consent of their parents” to the physician can receive a medical marijuana card and obtain marijuana. (Section 4 (9))

Three hundred or greater joints per month. (Section 8 (1))A person certified can receive nearly 5 ounces of marijuana or equivalent to over 146 grams a month. A family of three has 900 joints a month.

It can be smoked, vaped, taken in food or liquid form. (Section 4 (10) and 8(1)). It can be taken in a multitude of forms such as joints, blunts, gummies, brownies, etc. High doses of THC can be received and result in very harmful health consequences. Schools will be devastated.

Your 2nd Amendment rights will be affected as anyone who wants to buy, possess or own a firearm or has a concealed permit can lose their right to do so if they have a marijuana card or are known to use or possess marijuana. U.S. Department of Justice (see links in or

The Constitutional Amendment 65 will not decriminalize marijuana. This is not a get out of jail card.

This is a cash only business as Medicaid, Medicare nor private health insurance companies can pay for what is a nationally an illegal drug. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug.

Section 8 housing may be lost if using a federally illegal Schedule 1 drug.

You don’t want 11 appointed health board members being politically appointed and influenced by a marijuana cartel in Mississippi.

Protect us from this detrimental attempt to change our constitution to protect a business endeavor. Vote against both.

Thank you my friends.

Ed Langton is a member of the Mississippi State Board of Health.