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Arrest reports: Monticello man arrested for kidnapping, other charges

The Lincoln County Jail Docket for Tuesday-Thursday was as follows:

• Christopher Moore, 06/04/1984, 1250 Coopertown Road — arrested for simple domestic violence/assault, by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

• Michael Onell Thomas, 01/03/1980, 2832 Northwest James Drive — arrested for petit larceny, simple assault by menace or fear, by LCSO.

• Kristan Ashley Parks, 05/17/1991, 358 Quitman Lane — arrested for disorderly conduct/disobeying lawful order, by LCSO.

• James Jeremy Reeves, 09/10/1990, 2614 Southeast Topisaw Drive — arrested for DUI, child endangerment, reckless driving, by LCSO.

• Raffael Simmons, 03/19/1985, 1362 Union St. Apt. 4B — arrested for speeding 1-9 over the limit, by LCSO.

• Chad Eric Barber, 05/12/1982, 13449 Vidalia Road, Pass Christian — arrested for obtaining personal identity information for unlawful use, selling or possession of alcoholic beverages in a dry county, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, by LCSO.

• Deneterius Bowman, 12/29/1998, 204 Grenn St. — arrested on city warrant, by BPD.

• Antonio D. Lenoir Jr., 03/25/1997, 118 Clara St. — arrested for simple domestic violence/assault, possession of a controlled substance, by BPD.

• Gregory Watts, 01/01/1997, 603 Minerva St. — arrested for carrying of a concealed weapon, by BPD.

• Kevin Williams, 10/25/1973, 2261 Misty Lane — arrested for assault/domestic aggravated assault, by LCSO.

• Howard Justin Hall, 03/18/1980, 833 Mary St., Monticello — arrested for possession of paraphernalia, disorderly conduct/disobeying lawful order, kidnapping, resisting or obstructing arrest, possession of marijuana/synthetic cannabinoids in a motor vehicle, by LCSO.

• Adrian Jemar Brothern, 10/22/1981, 2608 Tulip Trail, Wesson — arrested for motor vehicle taking valued at more than $1,000, by BPD.

• Michael Derrick Smith, 04/22/1980, 401 Charles St. — arrested for assault/simple domestic violence, by LCSO.

• Robert Bryan Smith, 11/23/1969, 2814 Pearlie Drive — arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, by LCSO.

• Victor Tyler Hamilton, 10/26/1995, 1014 N. Jackson St. — arrested for possession of paraphernalia, by LCSO.

• Leroy Delaughter, 08/22/1970, 1038 King Trail Road — arrested for DUI, no seatbelt, no auto insurance, possession of a controlled substance, by Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.