Enterprise students experience history

Published 1:11 pm Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Area students were eager to “experience history” on Wednesday.

Enterprise Attendance Center juniors in history teacher’s Trace Abdul-Hadi’s classroom were able to watch the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Classrooms around the area had the chance to watch President-Elect Joe Biden be sworn in on Inauguration Day.

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Abdul-Hadi watched the inauguration with one of his government classes. “A lot of them were interested in the vice president with her being the first woman in office, they thought that was cool.”

While the political climate in the area favors former President Donald Trump, Abdul-Hadi said the students still watched with interest.

“We do have more supporters of President Trump than President Biden, but I think they enjoyed it,” Abdul-Hadi said.

Abdul-Hadi said his students asked questions to learn more about the process of the event.

“I was actually surprised, a lot of them asked questions while it was going on,” Abdul-Hadi said. “(Students) wanted to know why they do things certain ways … it held their attention.”

Abdul-Hadi hopes his students were able to learn from watching the event and that they open their eyes to the bigger picture.

“It’s not just a guy getting up there and being president, he’s representing America,” Abdul-Hadi said. “He’s representing you and in four years you’re voting. You need to root for his success because his success is America’s success. You may not like him or want him, but he’s the president and you want him to succeed.”