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Remain cautious, patient in storm aftermath

Brookhaven’s roads are better Thursday, but motorists are still urged to be cautious as the ice and snow melt.

Brookhaven Police Department reported multiple calls Wednesday night due to trees or limbs falling and causing power outages.

A Facebook post from BPD read:

“The City has areas that may be without electricity for extended periods of time. At the time of this post 1/2 of Brookway Blvd is in the dark near Interstate 55. Our mission now that traffic is flowing to the well-being of residents and our elderly.”

BPD officers will do their best to check on individuals if asked to do so.

Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Clifford Galey also urged the public to show extreme caution due to the large number of trees and power lines down.

“Also, there is an enormous amount of pot holes in city and county roads and streets. Please be careful as they will probably not be fixed until sometime next week,” Galey said in a social media post. “PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH YOUR POWER AND WATER COMPANIES.”

“Thank You to all the people that have helped during this weather event, even if it was only not getting on the roads unless you’ve had to,” the BPD post said.