Reports: Louisiana man arrested for stealing dog

Published 11:00 am Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Lincoln County Jail docket, Friday-Monday
• Bradley Alan Rogers, 12/28/1989, 72 Farm County Lane — arrested for assault, simple by menace or fear, by Brookhaven Police Department.
• Randy D. Rogers, 01/20/1970, 72 County Farm Lane — arrested for assault, simple domestic violence, 1st or 2nd offense, by BPD.
• D’Lawerence Miller, 04/10/1985, 305 East Enterprise Street — on hold for other charges, by BPD.
• William C. McLelland, 3/12/1975, 718 Furr Lane Drive — arrested for larceny and grand theft, by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.
• Dejon Blalock, 10/14/1993, 4062 Church Street, Jackson, LA — arrested for larceny and stealing of a dog, by LCSO.
• Dylan Case, 01/06/2001, 1245 Truly Trail NW — arrested for speeding 10-19 miles over, and 1st offense DUI, by Mississippi Highway Patrol.
• Melissa Ann Judd, 11/13/1975, 759 Rollins Drive NW — arrested for possession of controlled substance, by BPD.
• Travell Benson, 12/09/1998, 901 Austin AV, Pasadena, TX — arrested for possession, sale, transfer of stolen firearm, controlled substance, possession with intent to sell, by BPD.
• Terrance Trent Perkins, 01/01/1998, 414 E Minnesota St. — arrested for weapon possession by convicted felon, possession of controlled substance with intent to sell, by BPD.
• Ladarrius Quentrell Johnson, 03/03/1999, 710 Williams St. NE — arrested for controlled sub/possession with intent to distribute and enhance by firearm, by BPD.
• Zakari Smith, 09/16/1992, 339 Main St., Biloxi, MS — arrested for DUI 2nd, DWL/ Driving with suspended license, by MHP.
• Christian Garret Keene, 03/19/1993, 696 Baldwin Loop NW — arrested for assault and simple domestic violence on a 1st and 2nd offense, by LCSO
• Darryl Lamont Blue, 10/31/1973, 722 Grand Plain Drive, Houston, TX — arrested for disorderly conduct, disobedience of lawful order, resisting or obstructing, by BPD.
• Jimmy Moyers, 12/31/1961, 320 Georgia Ave. — arrested for tampering with physical evidence and conspiracy, by BPD.
• William T. Ladnier, 08/24/1978, 3296 Pleasant Grove Road — arrested for shooting into a dwelling, malicious mischief, value <$1,000, by LCSO.
• Joseph Fortenberry, 05/20/1950, 108 S Richardson — arrested for 1st offense DUI, by BPD.
Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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