God reminds me that I can’t outgive him

Published 11:00 am Sunday, January 16, 2022

It was my first grocery gift card for a Christmas present, but I considered it a great idea. We are blessed to have access to a nearby grocery and the funds to purchase basic items that we use weekly. However this gift card immediately gave me access to luxury buying – items that don’t normally ride in our buggy. I tucked the gift card in my wallet and planned to indulge myself in the grocery sections that I usually drive past.

Then prior to last Sunday I was reminded that our next Sunday School class would include the collection of grocery gift cards for a homeless shelter — a ministry that our class participates in monthly. The Holy Spirit can move faster than the speed of light. I know; He reminded me of the grocery gift card that I had in my wallet at the very moment of the reminder. I didn’t mistake His voice or His gentle reminder that I didn’t need to purchase a gift card. I already had one I could give.

I would like to confess that there was no hesitation or suggested compromise to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, but I can’t. For a few moments I reminded the Spirit that this gift card was from a special grandchild, something that they wanted me to have, and that I could purchase another one — just not quite the value of this $40 one.

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Surely by my ripe old age, I would have progressed enough to obey immediately and without discussion or alternative suggestions. Not so. I chided myself and asked forgiveness for my delay in obedience. The gift card WOULD be given to the ministry project Sunday. As I released my “carnal” hold on the gift card, a feeling of peace filled my heart as I promised God that my obedience would avoid such detours in the future.

An hour hadn’t passed before Othel checked the mail and handed me an envelope from the hospital. It was obviously of business nature, but I knew I hadn’t done any business with this institution for over a year.

It was a check — a refund for an overcharge in January of 2020. The amount: $40.

I can watch a sunset and never doubt a Creator God. I can stand on the seashore, watch the waves roll in in a timed sequence and be confident in an omnipotent God. I can count a newborn’s miniature toes and know life originated with God. All such knowledge blesses me and confirms the reality of God.

However, when God sends me a check with my name on it, reminding me that I can never out give Him, I am blessed much more by the absolute realization that God knows ME! He not only knows what’s in my wallet but also what’s in my heart. “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me!”


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