This is a ‘good earth’

Published 9:00 am Sunday, January 23, 2022

Hi, all. 

Just a thought to help start your weekend.

As we headed across Virginia in that multi-state road trip of last summer, we took a few-mile detour off the main highway to find this little place, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The rural spot of Skippers, Virginia, boasts of this place – the Good Earth Peanut Company. Advertising “fresh Virginia peanuts in a variety of forms,” this little place delivers on its promise. We enjoyed walking around the little shop, next to the big barn, in the middle of the large fields. And, of course, we came away with several kinds of peanuts for later snacking!

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The “Good Earth” supplies these good folks with their crops each year. They operate their business and make their money based on what the good earth provides. And certainly we realize that the good earth provides only what the Good Lord allows.

Just this morning, the wife’s vehicle refused to start, so she took my truck to go to work. There sat the car, nose first into the carport, refusing to crank or be shifted into neutral for pushing. Some contacts and good neighbors later, we were successful in moving the vehicle but very unsuccessful in getting it going. So a wrecker came at my beck and call to deliver it to “the nearest dealer” for anticipated repairs. 

My point in sharing that is just this. My “good earth” today provided me with several good things. Because of a social media post I made requesting suggestions and help, I got responses from several good friends, good neighbors, and fellow church family members who offered their suggestions, provided physical help, and saw to it that I have available transportation. God’s earth, this old world and its problems about which I complained just yesterday, is indeed a “good earth” full of good folks.

Are we being good folks to our neighbors? Are contributing to the effort to make this a good earth? If not, why not? You might be the one who needs help tomorrow.

’Til later.


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