We can invest 12 minutes a day for growth

Published 1:00 pm Sunday, January 23, 2022


We celebrated Christmas the entire month of December, but isn’t that indicative of the season? There were musical presentations, decorating, school programs, shopping sprees, gift-hiding, gift-searching, caroling, viewing lights and nativities, gift-opening, baking, some scorching, parades, and a wonderful sharing of “together.”

With all of the extra baking and visiting, there was an abundance of eating, sampling, snacking, brunching, dining and more than one occasion of borderline gluttony. Our closets have been January reminders that food is one item we take with us!

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The bathroom scales taunt with their ascending levels. The stretchy clothes need more stretch, and the non-stretchy clothes get pushed closer and closer to the back of the closet.

If only we could pack away the calories of all the Christmas goodies instead of packing them on. No way.  I’m well aware that the only dreaded solution is diet and exercise.

Othel and I agreed to enlist walking as a neglected December exercise and opt for less bread and sugar in our diets. My body kicks and screams while my closet advises me to ignore any tantrums.

It’s not been a fast-paced return to healthier living, but at least we’ve begun. The treadmill has called us to its monotonous travel, and I continue to look for tolerable substitutions for warm bread, French fries, and pecan pie. It’s like looking for Niagara Falls in the Sahara!

However, there is one thing I would like to add on in the area of growth. That would be spiritual growth. I know that time with God and in His Word are prerequisites. I’ve never read of a single mighty man or woman of God who thought that time spent in prayer, Bible reading and study wasn’t essential. Those additions to their schedules always grew them spiritually with side benefits including strength, influence and powerful testimonies.

I am totally convinced that Bible reading is one of those profitable and edifying habits to form, and an opportune time to begin would be January. Studies tell us that in just 12 minutes per day, one could read the entire Bible in a year. Twelve minutes per day to hear from the Creator and of a love that sent His only Son to die for our sins. Surely we can invest that much.

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