Where do you stand this week?

Published 9:00 am Sunday, March 27, 2022

Hi, all. Just a thought to help you start your weekend.

I want to share another picture I took last summer. Some of you might even recognize the buildings and skyline. You are seeing another shot of New York City. The buildings shine, and you can almost hear the traffic noise and the people running to and fro. As a fan of Neil Diamond, I can’t see this without hearing him sing “Beautiful Noise” inside my head. I see New York. I hear New York. And yet, I’m not even there.

This picture wasn’t taken in New York, but on the opposite side of New York Harbor, in the state of New Jersey. You see, I didn’t want to drive in the New York City traffic, so we detoured into Jersey City, New Jersey. On that day, we could see New York, but we weren’t actually there.

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Where do you stand this week? Perhaps your view is good. You see good things, have a good job, enjoy a good family or church family, but you aren’t really there. You are a hundred miles away, thoughts taking you to a far-away land. Your focus has become distracted, and although you enjoy the view, you aren’t enjoying the benefits.

Sometimes, we enjoy not having to be a part of life’s rat race. And at times, we miss out on all that life offers. It’s like looking at the museum relics and artifacts but not bring able to touch them. However, one great thing about being a child of God is that we don’t have to just stand and watch. We don’t have to enjoy it from afar. We can be a part of His family, and we can experience first-hand His will and way in our lives. Just be willing to show up. Venture into the traffic. Explore His plan for you. It’s worth the risk, and He will never disappoint.

Just a thought. ’Til later.

Rev. Brad Campbell can be reached at mastah.pastah@yahoo.com.