‘Infinity and beyond’ is actually a real place

Published 5:00 pm Sunday, April 10, 2022

I miss you, Buzz Lightyear, the one who stole so many children’s hearts over two decades ago, along with our grandson, Carson! You were a caring leader and used your powers to help your friends. You weren’t limited by gravity and could fly as high and far as a child’s imagination.
Carson met you on “Toy Story,” a Disney movie that won so many hearts. There were many memorable characters, but you were the one that Carson chose to love over all the others. When he realized that you weren’t just in movies but in toy stores, too, he put you at the top of his Christmas wish list. In fact, I think you were the only toy he wanted.
That’s when Santa had a problem. There were so many requests that Santa was having a problem filling them. Carson’s granddad and I offered to help while we were on a Christmas shopping trip in Memphis. We searched in every toy and department store we could find. The answers were all the same. Sold out!
Buzz, you possessed a unique drawing quality among children. Just when we had resigned to the fact that Carson would be disappointed, we found you at our very last stop. You were about to be loved by a special little boy!
Carson grew up and traded plastic, sit-on-the-shelf toys for a real family and children of his own. Sorry, Buzz, but you became a fond memory of his childhood.
Now, my animated friend from the past, you are fast becoming a topic of conversation again — not so much because of the powers you possess but the company you keep and the people who are modifying your original standards of friendships, courage and leadership.
You have been reintroduced into far-out (not as in outer space) times. Those who have gained access to entertainment among the masses have formulated a plan to rewrite morals and values. With less and less subtlety, they attempt to indoctrinate the younger generations with lifestyles that are contrary to Christian values and Biblical authority. Parents and grandparents must be sensitive to worldly influences in regard to their young ones and diligently teach God’s standards and foundational truths from the Word of God. As someone said, “We’re not dealing with Mickey anymore.”
Buzz, I’m sorry these misguided and blinded storytellers are masquerading you as a character that would be acceptable of values that are alien to the righteous laws that are given to protect and bless families and nations. If you could shed real tears, you would.  We humans are living in sad times when toys like you are being used as allurements to children for profane conduct.
We who know the Savior and His plan of salvation must continue to pray and be Christ’s light in a world that seems to be growing steadily darker and darker. “Infinity and beyond” is actually a real place, Buzz — a place God has prepared for all who follow His light and Way. We must pray for a great awakening and that our indwelling Light would grow brighter so that those who walk in darkness may someday may be drawn to that Light.


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