Get the picture?

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, May 22, 2022

Hi, all. Just a thought to help start your weekend. 

I was told recently that I sure do travel a lot. Well, honestly, I don’t think I do. However, I do make it a point to take plenty of pictures anywhere I do go. Hence the reason you get to see so many of them. Take this photo, for instance.

We weren’t on a vacation trip or out-of-town excursion as such. I was simply accompanying my middle daughter a few years ago on her tour of the campus of the University of Montevallo. 

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The campus there is beautiful with its brick roads and walkways. This brick drive leads directly up Flower Hill to the University President’s home. To the right of the drive, in the open grassy area, is where we later watched her receive her well-earned degree. As it turns out, that beautiful lawn is the location of several different activities throughout the year. All in front of the President’s mansion.

I get the same picture in my mind of the annual Easter egg hunt that takes place on the White House lawn. Although I’ve not seen that in person, I do have a mental picture of it.

And I read in the Scriptures that He has gone to prepare a place for me. He is building my mansion on the hilltop. I know I’ve never seen a place as beautiful as the one that awaits me in Heaven one day, and no photo I could ever take of any mansion on this earth could compare to that beauty. However, I do have a mental picture of it. In my dreams, my Heavenly mansion is but a simple log house structure that sits on the banks of a crystal flowing stream. The beauty of it all is astounding. Not a mansion because of its size and prominence, but a mansion because of its proximity to the Builder Himself!

I enjoy looking back through the photos I take along life’s travels. But I enjoy much more seeing my mind’s pictures of the beauty that cannot compare to anything here. My travels here on this earth may be limited by time and resources, but there is one trip I anticipate greatly — the day when He will carry me Home.

God is so good.  Get the picture?

Just a thought. ’Til later.

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