County expenditures up from roads, bridge work

Published 10:29 am Monday, May 23, 2022

As of April, Lincoln County is 58.33 percent through the fiscal year and it has received 80.5 percent of its budgeted receipts, County Administrator Daniel Calcote reported to the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors May 16.

“As expected, we are ahead of budget on receipts, with the bulk of our collections coming in the first of the calendar year,” Calcote stated in his report. “However, collections will decreased for the rest of the fiscal yar, but we should end the fiscal year around our expected budget or even higher.”

Calcote said that total expenditures are 68.8 percent of budgeted amounts through April, which is a little high mainly due to one-time expenditures such as appropriations and debt services payment paid at the beginning of the year.

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Therefore, several department are significantly over 58.33 percent of their annual budget through April. They are listed as follows:

  • Board of Supervisors – Due to appropriations and debit payments at the beginning of the year and a property-liability insurance premium paid in April, the board has spent 83.1 percent of annual budgeted expenditures.
  • Tax Collector – The tax collector’s office is at 69.5 percent of annual budgeted expendituresdue to high personnel costs in February and March and overtime and bonus to the collector in two high-volume months.
  • Elections – Due to spending $223,600 on voting machines last October, the Elections Department has spent 143 percent of its annual budgeted expenditures.
  • Civic Center – Due to many expenses in March in preparation of baseball season and expenses in April as the season is ongoing, the department is at 71 percent of annual budgeted expenditures.
  • Volunteer Fire – Due to the payout of annual grant funds early in the year, the Volunteer Fire department is at 89.3 percent of annual budgeted expenditures.
  • District 1Bridge – 4 percent of budgeted expenditures.
  • District 2 Road Maintenance – Due to emergency bridge repairs, $112,000 paid to S&S Dragline in December and $40,000 of culverts purchased in April, the district is at 75.5 percent of budgeted expenditures.
  • District 3 Road Maintenance – The district is at 96.1 percent of budgeted expenditures due to payment of several invoices to Dickerson & Bowen totaling $222,156 in December, $263,289.13 to T.L. Wallace and multiple expenses for Hurricane Ida cleanup.
  • District 4 Road Maintenance – Due to payment of $121,870 to Hunt Southland in December, the district is at 69.6 percent of budgeted expenditures.