Love is what we need most

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Last week I wrote a story about Keith Stovall and his two boys Isaac and Camp winning the father and son look-alike contest. He said he found it funny that they had won the contest, his sons are adopted and have a darker tone than him. 

He told me he didn’t choose them, rather God brought them to him and his wife in a time of heartbreak. The Stovall’s have a daughter who is also adopted and is the oldest. His family is knitted together and what a blessing it must be for both parents and kids. 

Watching the sons play I noticed Isaac had shoes just like his father, they had similar shirts and similar mannerisms. Stovall’s church took notice of the similar mannerisms and reminded Keith of this. It is fascinating to me how a son with no blood relation to the father can shape themselves to reflect their adoptive dad. 

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It is not surprising to me though. 

Stovall told me one of the greatest blessings of adoption is how it reflects God’s love for the church. It is an unconditional, unending  love you are not deserving of. It is a love that is not easy to explain. 

It is a love I have seen demonstrated by my own parents who adopted two of my siblings from Guatemala. There are also people in this community I know who have been adopted or may have played a role in adoption. 

Of course one doesn’t have to go to another country to adopt. 

I believe there is another form of adoption, one which happens when two families come together and are knitted as one. 

My papaw, who attended Easthaven Baptist Church before moving to Flowood, is a man who stepped up into the role of a father. He has played a special role in my life as a grandfather and while he is not biologically related to me, I see his mannerisms sometimes. 

We are both cold all the time, we are skinnier than a rail, we love sports, westerns and caring for others. Sometimes I catch myself sitting like he does or using the same humor. His faith and love is one I hope to reflect the most. 

A couple of weeks ago he returned from a mission trip to Honduras, this week he traveled to Philadelphia to teach driver’s education on the reservation. I’m sure at some point this year he will make a return trip to West Virginia to help the people there. 

I’m thankful everyday for the way he has reflected God’s love to others. 

What this town, county, state and country need most right now is more people acting in love and kindness to one another.