What’s your name?

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, July 24, 2022

Hi, all. Just a thought to help start your weekend. 

I do enjoy photography somewhat. That’s one of the reasons why you see one of my pictures with these words each week. So as I scan back through the photos I’ve saved, looking for another one to share, I sometimes run across some photos I’ve forgotten, like this one.

I give each photo a name of some kind as I save it. It makes it easier for me to find later, or at least that’s what I tell myself! This particular picture, I had labeled as “Jefferson ducks.” Perhaps you have heard of wood ducks, pekin ducks, whistling ducks, and yes, rubber ducks. But maybe you’ve not heard of the infamous Jefferson ducks. Of course, if you look at the photo, then you can see why I gave them that name.

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These particular ducks are at home in what is known as the tidal basin nearing the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., and in front of the Jefferson Memorial. I gave the ducks that name because of what I saw when I looked at them.

If your name today was assigned to you based on what those around you saw, who would you be? Sorry Sam?  Mad Melissa? Alcoholic Adam? Speed demon Dan? Or perhaps others would look your way and see Angelic Amy or Brave Bob. You and I could all probably admit that we’ve been called names we would rather not repeat. But what name — Whose Name — will I be given this week?

As a Christian, then I have already taken His name upon myself. The name Christian literally means to be Christ-like. But is that what those around me will see this week? Will my name reflect who I am and Whom I represent? Or will my name this week come about because of somewhere I should not have been or something I should not have said or done?

Those ducks in front of Thomas Jefferson’s memorial have no idea I gave them the name “Jefferson ducks.” We may never know the names our neighbors have for us. But we can live so that whatever name we are given, it will not only represent us as a person, but also represent us as the Christ-follower we claim to be.

What’s your name?

Just a thought.

’Til later.

Rev. Brad Campbell can be reached at mastah.pastah@yahoo.com.