What I see in the foreground

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, October 9, 2022

Life is full of complexities! I feel confident that no one can deny that. I do not see how our nation and its economy can remain solvent with millions, billions, trillions of dollars being handed out as generously as politicians’ vote-for-me cards.

I can’t see how insurance companies can stay afloat with huge populations filing claims, due to the catastrophic destruction by the hurricanes and other natural disasters.

It’s hard for me to fathom or see how a nation could be so divided about abortion and pro-life.

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I cannot see how people reelect politicians who entered the office with average wealth but after years of “staying put,” they are multi-millionaires.

Why are there no reports on where the masses of illegal immigrants are living? As the numbers continue to surge, how are they fed, clothed and sheltered? I cannot see how this nation can absorb or provide such great need.

I cannot see how our public schools can function without some means of discipline to keep order and offer an environment for learning.

When did our society make sexuality such a complex issue? I cannot see how infants leaving the womb through childbirth can confuse anyone about “him or her?”

I do not see how one man like Putin can maintain power over a vast people when they begin to realize his evil intentions and character.

I do not understand or see how football stadiums can be filled to capacity for ballgames and churches have so many empty seats for Sunday worship.

I cannot see how most Christians believe or endorse the Ten Commandments as blessed rules for life but more often than not choose to ignore or remove the fourth one about keeping Sunday holy.

I cannot understand or see how a front row seat for a concert is a bonus, but a close-to-the-back-row seat in church is the biggest draw.

I cannot see how people who don’t know Jesus as Savior can neglect “so great a salvation.”

I cannot see how churches are turning more and more attention to coffee gatherings within the church walls — for fellowship purposes — but communing with the Father in the prayer room holds little drawing power or importance.

It’s very difficult for me to see that more Christians can’t see that revival is our greatest need.

I DO see that as I reflect on things I cannot see, I’m made aware that I have been, and am blinded in areas of my own life.

My heart is lifted over all the things I do see when I place them in the background of my vision. In my foreground I see JESUS. This is where He belongs and must stay. “And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”

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