Bring your electronics inside during extreme cold

Published 11:07 am Tuesday, December 20, 2022

BROOKHAVEN — Electronics might be at risk with the cold weather we are expecting this Thursday night to Saturday. Lows are supposed to get to 15 degrees and lower with a windchill bringing the temperatures down to about 0 degrees. 

Freezing cold temperatures can cause damage to TVs, phones, tablets and even computers. Well Done Electronics in Byram warns Mississippians of the risk of leaving their electronics outside their home, in their vehicle or on their back patio. 

“A TV can actually freeze on the inside or any electronics really. It is once they start to unthaw you can have issues,” a spokesman from Well Done said. “Condensation on the inside turns to water. Once it unthaws you could see streaks in your display on the outside. This is actually from water damage inside the actual display of the monitor.” 

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Water damage could also short out a TV, phone, tablet or computer. All electronics have the capability of having issues in freezing cold weather if they are outside. 

Phones will also have an emergency shut off if they get too cold or too hot. One of the ways to prevent your phone from shutting off like this is by keeping your phone out of temperature extremes. 

“If you don’t your device will respond in a negative way,” the spokesman said.