Steps homeowners can take to maintain water flow during freeze

Published 11:43 am Tuesday, December 20, 2022

BROOKHAVEN — Brookhaven’s Water Department is reminding people to take precautions and steps before Thursday night’s polar plunge. Temperatures are supposed to drop well below freezing and stay freezing cold for a few days. 

Water pipes are at risk during this time as water can freeze in the pipes and the water expands when it freezes causing pipes to burst. This really becomes a problem when the pipes start to thaw out and can cause water damage to homes. NWS Jackson warns residential water lines and main water lines are at risk during this cold weather. 

Kayla Watts, Brookhaven’s Water Admin, said homeowners can insulate all exposed pipes and faucets in preparation for Thursday night. One way to insulate an exterior faucet is to wrap it in a rag or towel and cover it with a coffee can. 

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“A slow drip on water faucets could help prevent freezing of pipes and lines. It doesn’t matter if the water is hot or cold as long as there is a flow of water,” Watts said. “People can also open cabinet doors to help get warmth to those lines. If you drip any outside faucets make sure they are not connected to any water hoses or anything.” 

People who have a busted water line or find one out in the street should contact the water department. Watts said during regular business hours, Monday to Friday 9am. to 5pm, people can call (601) 833-7721 but on the weekends or outside of regular business hours they should call the Brookhaven Police Department’s non-emergency line at 601-833-2424 or the City Hotline at 601-835-8025. 

“We will get crews out there to help shut it off. Anyone who sees anything such as a water line break should call and report it,” Watts said. “People need to take every precaution they can this weekend.” 

Residents out in Lincoln County can contact the Lincoln Rural Water Association at 601 833-6449 in the event of a water line rupture.