A good day for a flower shop: Cannabis company cuts ribbon

Published 12:07 pm Friday, January 20, 2023

BROOKHAVEN — The Cannabis Company is hard to miss in Brookhaven. White lettering demarcates the business location between Los Parrilleros and Bestway Rent-to-Own at 939 Brookway Boulevard. 

It is nearing its grand opening date as co-owners Mitch Parker and Le Anne Penn cut a red ribbon Thursday evening. Penn said they are waiting on products to get through testing and should be open by February 1st at the latest. 

The Cannabis Company could be one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in Mississippi and should be the first to open in Brookhaven. 

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“We are making history. This is a new industry and I know we will be a part of history. Fifty years from now they will see we are the first ones to have a permit here,” Penn said. “It has been fun. We have put in a lot of work and met some cool people.” 

Parker said he has worked on building out the business space since August. 

“Hopefully in the next week we will have product here. It has been a fun journey, I have enjoyed it. The business will be different from what I was doing before,” Parker said. “I was a body technician for 40 years. I decided to pursue this because I saw the potential in the industry and the need in people. Hopefully this will help people who need it or can’t take opioids or other medicines.” 

Chamber of Commerce representatives stopped by the event as did photographer Bill Perkins. Workers from Southern Sky Brands, a cannabis cultivation and processing company in Canton, were at the event as was another grower from the Delta and curious members of the Brookhaven community. 

The Shack at 550 catered the event with gumbo, chicken and dumplings, bread and deserts. Someone asked if the food had anything “special” added to it jokingly. Penn replied “Nope, not even the brownies.” 

While people might have concerns about the cannabis dispensaries coming to Brookhaven, Parker voiced concerns about Mississippi’s regulation on THC concentrates. He said they are limiting the levels of THC in concentrates to 68 percent and he feels there might be some people who struggle with chronic pain who need a purer concentrate. Most of the cultivators and processors they are working with will use CBD to cut down the concentrates. He also hopes they can educate people.

“I have met with everyone we are dealing with. We want to know what they are putting out,” Parker said. “Seeing everyone come in and talk today has us excited and we hopefully can help people. We want to make it easier for patients to get their cards. Right now they have to go to a certified doctor and then complete a computer application. Some people may not have computer literacy or a computer to do so.” 

Patients who come into the dispensary will be able to look at products, brands, strains and effects and uses of products on an i-Pad. There is also literature in the dispensary to help people make informed decisions about what they are getting. 

When products are approved, The Cannabis Company will get flower first. Penn said customers can get six units a week and can keep up to 21 grams in their possession. Methods of administration listed in a book put together by Mockingjay Cannabis are inhalation, epidermal and consumption. 

Penn spoke to people and answered any questions they had at the ribbon cutting. She is counting down the days until opening. 

“We are getting ready and getting excited. Our new people are trained and licensed to work here,” Penn said. “The products will be grown here in Mississippi. Some will be from Summit actually. Mid South Extracts will supply some products from Tupelo. 20 years ago, I came here on a field trip with my five-year-old son. We rode the train and I fell in love with it. Now I’m here with my soon to be husband. One of things I look forward to the most is being able to help people. They are hurting and need help, nothing else has helped them.” 

In response to concerns and questions raised by some people on Facebook, Penn invites people to come talk about the industry. 

“To someone who is either unsure, curious or resistant, just come talk to us, come open your mind up and do some research,” Penn said. “Don’t be a naysayer. Everyone should have their own choice. There is a lot of scientific research. Read it for yourself. I was a little hesitant at first myself.”