Catch a limit of pond management information

Published 2:39 pm Thursday, March 23, 2023

BROOKHAVEN — Tristan Peavey, a extension agent in Lincoln County with MSU extension, will host a farm pond management seminar at his office on March 31. The seminar will begin at 2 p.m. and will cover pond construction, fish management and aquatic weed management. 

It is the first seminar on pond management he has held. Peavey said the seminar should take about an hour and a half as he will talk through a powerpoint presentation. 

Spring is a warm time of year when people are often out fishing and encounter problems in their ponds. He said most of his calls are from people dealing with pond problems with aquatic weeds causing a bulk of the issues. 

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“We will go over the different types of aquatic weeds you will see and what herbicides you should use. We get a lot of questions about pond construction too,” Peavey said. “We will talk about how to prevent problems and things you can do beforehand. A lot of it is about managing fish and how to have a good fish population. We will cover everything from the permit process to how to select a good spot and how to get help with it.” 

His seminar will discuss what to use as fish structure and how to structure the pond. While the seminar will cover aquatic weeds, it is mostly geared towards fishing. It is a free opportunity for people to learn more about pond management. 

Peavey said they will also test water samples if people bring any in. All the MSU extension office needs for water samples is less than a pint and you can bring it in a water bottle to the seminar. 

He said people should call the office at 601-835-3460 to RSVP so they can get a head count beforehand.