Watch the Master work

Published 1:00 pm Sunday, March 26, 2023

Hi, all. Just a thought to help start your weekend.

A year or so ago, my wife and I attended a very nice cooking demonstration and dinner that had been gifted to us from a daughter and her hubby. This picture is from that event. We were fascinated by how the master chef and his assistant prepared an entire meal, from start to finish, right there in front of us.

Every step of every process was explained in detail along with a little humor, which we greatly enjoyed. We watched, we “oooed” and “aaahhed,” and had a very nice time. But had that been the end of the night, we would have left there still hungry and not the least bit satisfied.

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Instead, we got to eat that very nice dinner. Each course was served, and every person ate to their fill. We got to take advantage of and enjoy the labors of the chefs, and we couldn’t take any of the credit for the wonderful meal.

We as Christians are in a similar situation. First of all, we’ve been invited to join the others at the banquet. The dinner table has already been set. The silver and glassware have been arranged, and the napkins are awaiting our use. We sit in awe while we watch the Master prepare to bless us with His riches. He shares the process, invites us to take part in the tastings along the way, and then serves His goodness to everyone in attendance.

We eat of His mercy and grace until we’ve had our fill — and there’s always more than we can handle! We enjoy the company, we relish in the goodness, and we leave rejoicing and full of Him. And we can claim no part in the work of His great gift. All we had to do was accept it as it came, and then take the responsibility of passing the plate!

As you sit at the symbolic dinner table of your week, enjoy all of His bounty, and share with those around you, knowing you will all leave this place blessed for having been a guest at His table. Watch the Master work!

Just a thought. ’Til later.

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