Hope of Resurrection hits home

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, April 9, 2023

Death is an inevitable outcome in life and there is no way it can be changed. The simple truth does not make the grief and pain any easier to handle.

Twice this week I have opened my Facebook to find out someone I knew and appreciated had died. One was a young lady whose mom was my principal in Elementary school. Bree was a bright and positive soul who rode horses at the Ozark Rodeo ground and was about eight years older than me. In her obit, I found she had gotten married, had a son and become an active member in her church.

Wednesday I happened to see a face I knew well. One I had just spoken to for about an hour after his robotics team had gone home. The sun set as I occasionally looked out his shop door at the ducks walking around his pond.

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Reggie Wise told me about his passion for the kids and how robotics gives them a chance to grow and he is able to be a part of it. He talked about the trees and how he had come close to being taken out by one of the old oaks on his property.

I can’t help but think what a great dart he would have been.

My heart breaks for the young kids on the robotics team at Bogue Chitto. I know these next few weeks will be hard and when they compete at Worlds without him it will be strange.

I’ve been fortunate enough to not lose a coach but three of my teachers have died in my life. Two from cancer and one was called home after a long time on this earth, she was Mrs. Walker.

Mrs. Walker challenged me to be a better student and person. She offered incredible life advice to her second grade students and I’m forever grateful for the impact she made. While she has been dead for several years now the lessons I learned in her classroom have stuck with me.

Many times we might think death is the final chapter but what about the legacy you leave behind.

To the Technocats, Wise’s story doesn’t end this week but it will continue through you as you live. Just like there are days where I know Mrs. Walker’s teaching continues through me.

I also believe I’ll see her again someday and I hope to see Mr. Wise and Bree too. All thanks to God for sending his Son to die on the cross so we might be saved.

Hunter Cloud can be reached at hunter.cloud@dailyleader.com.