Dance, my friends

Published 7:00 pm Saturday, May 13, 2023

Hi, all. Just a thought to help start your weekend.

My wife and I very recently spent a few days on the Alabama Gulf Coast with all three daughters and one of their hubbies, and we had a grand time exploring, taking in some sights, relaxing on the beach, eating some good meals, and enjoying the available activities and shows. One of those shows was a very nice dancing demonstration by the Pow Wow Club of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, one of whom you see here. The extravagancy of their costumes seems to “hide” all the cruelty of life that they may have experienced.

Both my father and my mother can claim descendancy from Native American Indians. My sister and her pastor husband minister to large groups of Choctaw Indians in the Mississippi counties where my sister also works with those children in their school system. A vast majority of these folks live at and below the poverty line.

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My first college roommate was a member of the South Alabama Mowa Band of Indians. He was raised by and lived with his grandparents, and he struggled with school and soon dropped out, largely due to the expense of it all.

All of these images remind me, and I hope they will remind you, that pain and difficulties run deep for so many people. Oppression has hit most people groups, races, and ethnicities at times. Yet with the opportunities that today’s world offers, it remains difficult for many of us to understand the hurts in others.

The chanting during those Indian dances was beautiful to hear, but there was a melancholy moaning, almost a wailing, in the sound of their voices — cries of difficult days past. However, as the Pow Wow Club spokesman told the crowd that afternoon, they look forward to the future as they pray to The Creator for wisdom and His guidance! 

Oh, today won’t you put on your best garb, if even just spiritually speaking, and dance like nobody’s watching. Worship the Creator. Give Him the glory for bringing you through your past, praise His name for the blessings of today, and ask Him to grant you wisdom and guidance for your tomorrow! Remember that we aren’t here just to entertain the crowds. We are here to make an everlasting difference. Folks are watching. Dance!

Just a thought. ’Til later.

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