Please do not feed the beasts

Published 9:00 am Sunday, May 21, 2023

Hi, all. Just a thought to help start your weekend.

I’ve always been a fan of zoos. When my siblings and I were young, we made many trips to the Memphis Zoo and always had a wonderful time roaming around watching the animals. My own kids have visited that zoo, the National Zoo, Birmingham Zoo, Gulf Coast Zoo, and I’m sure others, including the zoo-like Animal Kingdom at Disney World, where I snapped this picture of a snacking rhinoceros. 

Part of what makes a zoo a fun place to visit is that you can get fairly up close and personal with dangerous animals, unusual ones, and endangered species, most of which you would never have an opportunity to see elsewhere. And, each one is safely behind a fence, glassed case, or walled enclosure. 

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A rhinoceros such as this one would pose great danger to a human in the wild. However, kept at a distance from people, these and other amazing creatures that could otherwise cause great harm are somewhat docile and exciting to watch.

In being called to be “in the world and not of the world,” we as Christians continue to see all those dangers, temptations, problems, and man-eating disasters, but we can remain out of harm’s way if we stay behind the barriers and heed the warnings. You see, there’s no reason God’s people can’t live a magnificent life if we stay on the path He’s created for us, keep away from obvious dangers, and focus on the beauty of His creation.

As Satan continues to roam about this world, “seeking whom he may devour,” remember that he observes no boundaries, he remains behind no enclosures, and he is always ready to pounce. It’s up to us to stay at a distance from him and his little imps. We must pay attention to the warnings in God’s Word, and be ever mindful of the dangers of this world. Sometimes we look evil directly in the face, and all we see is a cute creature chewing its afternoon snack, when in reality, it has the potential to pose a much greater threat of danger.

Watch for the animals of this world. In the meantime, watch, look, and listen. But don’t feed the beasts.

Just a thought. ’Til later.

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