Among the Do-rites

Published 10:17 am Sunday, June 11, 2023

If it ever came to volunteering to read from the Old Testament passages, no one in my class ever raised their hand if the “-ites” were in the selected passage. It was always a task to try to pronounce the Canaanites, Amorites, Girgashites, Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites and Perizzites. I’ve actually always felt a bit sorry for the members of those nations with their unusual labels. But, whatever their labels, God meant for the nation of Israel to remove them because of their idolatrous lifestyles and their potential influence to draw the Israelites away from the only true God.

I suppose those nations of “-ites” are only found on the pages of history, but there are present-day -ites still on the scene. There are a large number of Myrites. We see them on the news almost every day. They are consumed with self and what makes them happy. Their rights are foremost on their minds, and they are quite vocal about letting the world know just how angry they can get if their rights aren’t honored.

The Nosites are a plague on any body of people who are seeking to make positive changes or adjustments in their area of interests. They are quick to pour cold water on new ideas and are consistent reminders of “that’s not the way we’ve always done it.” The Nosites find satisfaction in keeping the status quo as is.

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Another group is identified as Uptites. They are never a comfortable company with their worries and “wringing hands” attitudes. They always see the glass half-empty and a crisis around every corner. Their influence can be contagious and drain the faith from young positive-minded thinkers. Uptites never find solutions, but are full of concerns about the future.

The Realtites prefer to identify themselves as frugal and good stewards, but they pinch pennies as if their Heavenly Father doesn’t have the funds to meet their needs. They dam up the flow of God’s blessings by holding onto their own funds tightly and not sharing their blessings with others. Their reputations don’t stay hidden for long.

The Justmites are the ones that frustrate me the most. They adhere to every threat by the world because there just might be consequences if they don’t. They certainly don’t want to risk any confrontation concerning public prayer in school because there just might be litigation issues. Return to church? Not yet – there just might be the chance of getting COVID. The Justmites also avoid volunteering for a lot of ministries because there just might be danger or risks involved.

We all probably know some -Ites. I’m quite certain I’ve carried some “-ite” traits in my own life. It’s not a confession that I’m eager to make, but God is quick to forgive. I praise Him for that and seek to always be among the group of Do-rites!

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