The Dart: New father enjoys detailing, protecting his peace

Published 11:00 am Sunday, July 2, 2023

BROOKHAVEN — Octaves Henry shook a man’s hand with a smile on his face outside of a car detailing shop close to where The Dart landed Thursday morning. He donned a tan bucket hat and wore dreadlocks as he worked in the heat.

A native of Brookhaven, he is a new father, nearly a 10-year veteran of working in car detailing and a huge fan of anime and video games. The latter protected his peace growing up in a rough area of Brookhaven.

Henry graduated from Brookhaven High School and is now learning the business side of car detailing. His father started the business Team D Details on First Street and have given him a job since he was 16. Henry said he will turn 26 next month.

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“I didn’t think it would become something I was passionate about. 10 years later, I pretty well enjoy it,” Henry said. “My dad did this and it was something he did when he was young. He was passionate about it. Eventually he got his own place. I have two other brothers and I was the only one to take to it. It worked out in my favor. Without my dad, I would have made it this far. I appreciate him. It has helped me. You see a lot of nice vehicles and I enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning something.”

Henry said he enjoys seeing the transformation from vacuuming, hosing down the exterior, polishing and shampooing the upholstery of a vehicle. A clean vehicle could make a difference in someone’s life. He added the customer’s reaction to a job well done is rewarding.

The summer is often their busiest time for detailing vehicles. Henry said he tries to stay hydrated and take breaks inside in order to cool off to beat the heat.

His positive attitude has kept him out of trouble growing up and he has stuck to it. Video games and anime gave him something to do after school and they are still passions of his. Henry said he tries to share positivity with others.

“I want everyone else to smile and have a good time,” Henry said. “There is a lot of negativity in this world. Negativity is one of the reasons I stay off of social media. I like to keep my peace.”

Henry’s favorite style of video game is role playing games, RPGs, such as Final Fantasy IV. He started watching anime by watching Dragon Ball Z but said he doesn’t have a favorite because he has seen so many. Spider-Man is his favorite comic book character.

Outside of home and work, Henry will spend time at the comic book store on West Congress Street. His goal is to one day run the car detailing business and sell Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards on the side to better provide for his kids.

Henry is a new father of a daughter who will turn one month old next month.

“It has been amazing and the sleepless nights hit you but I also enjoy making a bond with a tiny human I helped create,” Henry said. “Having a child helps you mature. It shows you want to be better. All I want to do is be a better person for my daughter.”