Martin leads team with Christian example

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, August 9, 2023

BROOKHAVEN — Mallory Martin was the hat-trick hero for Brookhaven Academy Tuesday night in a thrilling 7-1 win over St. Augustine. She is one of the hardest workers on the team and the senior leads with a Christian example. 

Martin is playing a central midfielder role but it is likely you will find her all over the pitch during Cougar soccer matches. She crosses well, drops back to defend, pressures opposing teams out of possession and coaches the players around her. 

On a night where she scored a hat-trick, Martin led the soccer team in prayer as she does before and after every training session or game. Head Coach Alex Brown said it is a first in his coaching career. 

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“She has one of the purest hearts on the team. She came up to me and asked if she could lead the team in prayer at the start of the summer,”  Brown said. “Since I have been here I have never had anyone ask to lead us in prayer. I have no problem with leadership from players whether it be athletics or spiritual. It is a great thing. It is a blessing to see from children.”

Martin said she looked forward to leading with a christian example this year as a senior. Christ shapes how she practices, how she plays and the effort she puts in. She does not give up and has a lot of stamina. If she needs to take a break, she comes out of the game and catches her breath before coming back in. The moment gives a young player the opportunity to gain experience. 

As a team leader, she sees how everyone has an idea of where they need to be as the game ebbs and flows. The team play is more fluid and easier to control. She said younger players ask her what to do and she tries to help them build each other up. 

Brown said Martin has always been one of his favorite players to coach. 

“She is outstanding in everything. Always ‘yes sir,’ or ‘no sir,’ she is so coachable and she makes me look good on the sidelines,” Brown said. “She works hard. Even though she doesn’t want the attention or the glory, she deserves it.” 

Martin said she feels a little sad that it is her last year playing on the team. She hopes to go on to community college and play soccer for two years on scholarship before transferring to a four year school. 

“I’ve been playing since my eighth grade year. I have had a few girls I’m close to and seeing them grow up makes me happy,” Martin said. “Matti Claire Smith and I have played together for a while. She is a junior and she has been here for me. We come up here and practice some on our own. We play travel soccer together at Ole Brook Football Club.” 

After high school, Martin hopes to study Chemical Engineering. She said she really enjoyed chemistry at BA. 

“I had Dianne Watson. It was my favorite class. We got to put things together and it was fun,” Martin said. 

Soccer can be similar to chemistry because oftentimes it takes different types of players to make a strong team. For example, Brown said Martin is the engine of the team. She is the powerhouse which drives the game. 

“I have high hopes for this team,” Martin said.