Statewide assessment results show student achievement reaches all-time high

Published 9:30 am Friday, August 18, 2023

The Mississippi Department of Education released results Thursday from the 2022-2023 Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) showing student achievement reaching an all-time high in math, English Language Arts, science and U.S. History.

Overall, the percentage of students scoring “proficient” or “advanced” is: 52.6% in math; 46.7% in ELA; 59.4% in science; and 71.4% in U.S. History.

The results show student achievement has resumed the pre-pandemic momentum from 2016 to 2019, during which the percentage of students scoring proficient and advanced increased 1.8% to 5.6% annually in ELA in math. In Mississippi and nationwide, student achievement dropped in 2021, though Mississippi students mostly rebounded by the following academic year.

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“Mississippi students have continued to prove they can achieve at higher and higher levels,” said Dr. Ray Morgigno, interim state superintendent of education. “I am proud of what our students have accomplished and credit teachers and school leaders statewide for maintaining high standards and dedicating themselves to helping students reach, and exceed, their goals.”

The percentage of Mississippi students scoring proficient or advanced increased since 2022 by 5.3% in math; 4.5% in ELA; 3.5% in science; and 2.1% in History. All students now have computer devices and services including on-demand tutoring.