Meet the bird of the month, the American Robin

Published 9:42 pm Sunday, September 3, 2023

By MSU Extension

“Rockin’ robin, tweet-tweedle-lee-dee!” You sang that sentence as you read it, didn’t you? Many people know the song “Rockin’ Robin” by Bobby Day, later covered by Michael Jackson. But how much do you know the bird behind it?

The American robin is one of the most common migratory birds in North America. They are most frequently found in grassy, suburban landscapes, but also find themselves at home in diverse habitats all over North America and Mexico.

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Also known as a robin redbreast, the American robin is a widely distributed member of the thrush family. They are around 10 inches long and typically have a wingspan of 17 inches. Males and females have very similar color palettes. They have brown backs and heads with bright reddish-orange feathers on their breast. Feathers on females are more muted in color than their more vibrant male counterparts. Also, males are the only ones that sing the signature “tweet-tweedle-lee-dee” song.

Robins lay anywhere between 4-7 eggs. They have a very distinct teal blue egg color. It even has an official name—robin’s-egg blue— complete with its own color code and crayon! You can go into a paint store and ask for robin’s-egg blue, and they’ll have a color for you.

Their diet consists of mainly insects, berries, and worms. They also love visiting bird feeders, especially ones filled with sunflower seeds, suet, and mealworms.

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