The greatest power known

Published 1:55 pm Sunday, September 17, 2023

The electronic age continues to baffle and bewilder me! I can sit in my den with a flat keyboard in my lap and type onto a screen with short or lengthy communication. Then I push a single key marked send, and it (I have no idea what constitutes the “it”) carries my message thousands and thousands of miles to a recipient that can read that message within seconds of my sending.

To some who send messages throughout the day or as part of their employment, that feat may not be amazing, but with every send I shake my head in amazement. How? Who thought of such an unbelievable transport of words? What could be next?

It’s also amazing that this means of instant worldwide speech has always been available. It just took that brilliant someone to consider the possibility and tap into that sphere that’s always been there. Man didn’t make anything in order to come up with any invention. Every component of any advancement made by man was already here, just waiting for a mind that could bring it to a reality.

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Just tonight I sent a message to a missionary friend on the opposite side of the earth. I was getting ready to go to bed, and she was just waking up on the day that’s coming after my night’s sleep. How? Even if a scientist tried to explain that staggering accomplishment, I’m quite sure my limited brain capacity couldn’t grasp how or why that works.

The worldwide, instant communication has a multitude of benefits for everyone that has access to computers, iPads and cell phones. I can’t imagine how such communication softens the homesickness that missionaries must experience. They may not be able to physically touch their loved ones, but they can talk and share daily experiences. The loneliness of separation must surely be diluted. Only in those extremely remote areas is communicating impossible.

Then I am reminded of prayer. There is no need for cell towers or electronic wave activity. Lighted screens and keyboards have no effect on it. Absolutely no outside instruments or gadgets are necessary or needed to communicate with God. Because God desired a relationship with me and I opened my heart to His drawing me to Himself, I can speak, whisper, cry out, or communicate in my mind, and every means reaches Him. I don’t have to stand near a special kind of electrical current or carry a supply of batteries.  I have instant access to the One who has names for all the stars and who aligns the planets in perfect order and maintains their orbits.

Distance, like the kind I consider when I communicate with missionary friends, is never a thought regarding prayer. I have instant, 24/7 access to the Father. He is never away from me but always present with me. If that isn’t miraculous enough, He’s also IN me.

I’ve read it more than once that the devil isn’t threatened by our service to the Lord or our adherence to living a moral life. Even though our reading the Bible might annoy him, he can cope with it. However, when he sees us praying, he turns to panic. He knows we are tapping into a power that is unlimited. How we need to recognize that when we fail to pray or limit our time in prayer, we are forfeiting the greatest power known to man.

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