Give the gift of a loving home this Christmas

Published 7:05 am Saturday, December 9, 2023

His eyes grew big as he stared up at the tree. Colorful tree lights reflected in his ink black pupils. A white tree skirt spread across the base of the tree provided a warm spot to sit down. 

He circled around a spot on the skirt before dropping down with his raccoon ringed tail curling to comfort him like a blanket. I wish I could know what my cat Bruno sees in our Christmas tree because he sure is infatuated with it. 

From the time we put up the tree after Thanksgiving to New Years he will likely spend every single night snoozing beneath the tree, when he isn’t trying to murder Christmas ornaments. He certainly is a precious gift to my wife and I. 

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Last year my wife sobbed for about 30 minutes one night. She couldn’t understand why someone would have abandoned him in Starkville, the humane society told us he was left behind in an apartment. We sure are grateful we had a chance to give him a loving home. 

Nothing is better than waking up to a 12 pound weight on your chest, purring or making biscuits. The mornings where I walk into the woods and hear those little footsteps following me are precious. Tuesday morning I slipped out to hunt with him in tow and stopped for a few minutes. Bruno slinked off like he normally does and a little bit later I discovered he not only beat me to my tripod stand but also climbed up the metal rungs to give himself a nice perch.  

The cooler temperatures have returned which means our second cat Penny is sleeping on top of my head. We do not know where Penny came from or why she was abandoned.  I heard meowing one cold October night last year and had to investigate. She walked up to the porch and I brought her inside to warm up. Penny “Pasta,” has been a member of the Cloud family ever since. 

She is a sweet kitty, even if her eyes look like she is plotting your destruction. Most days she is quiet and keeps to herself but this week she has greeted me each morning by licking my head with her sandpaper tongue. Penny likes to say good morning with chirps and soft purrs. 

I never thought I would own a cat or even two cats but here I am. Oh what great joy they bring. If you or your family is looking for a way to share some love and joy this Christmas season I highly recommend adopting an animal from the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League. Not only can you provide a warm home to cats or dogs in need of a family this Christmas but they can bring light to your life, like the Christmas tree that shimmers in my cat’s eyes. 

Adoption fees are currently discounted at $35 for cats and $50 for a dog. Visit to see who is up for adoption and contact 601-757-3211 for dog appointments or 601-757-1057 for cat appointments.