Did Mary know? Do you?

Published 8:19 am Sunday, December 10, 2023

Regardless of how many times I hear it, the song “Mary, Did You Know” continues to be powerfully moving. The lyrics created by Mark Lowry and the music written by Buddy Greene are awe-inspiring from truly gifted artists.

The song asks questions that could be asked by many wanting to know more about Mary’s being the mother of Jesus, the Son of God. However, as I dwell on the words of that song I understand the questions that Mary surely had, but I consider the knowledge of what’s available to all who read Christ’s story in the Bible.

As a child Sunday School regular, I heard the story of Jesus walking on water multiple times. I was fascinated not only by his ability to step across the stormy waves, but also His fearless composure in the turbulent darkness. His power and courage amazed me.

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Mary had to have spent sleepless nights pondering God’s favor with her to miraculously make her the mother to the “Son of the Most High.” Only God could have given her the willingness and faith to accept this astounding message from an angel. The narrative in Luke is a factual reminder to me that nothing is impossible with God.

Was Mary able to comprehend the meaning of salvation as that coming through her infant King? Did she understand that His coming as the spotless Lamb of God would mean that He would be her son and her Savior? The song presents so many questions and thoughts concerning Mary’s pregnancy, but on this side of Jesus’ birth, I know and rejoice that He fulfilled the solution to our hopeless and desperate condition.

Mary would watch her infant son grow into an adult and perform miracles that only God could perform. She would be amazed, but because Jesus is the “same yesterday, today and forever,” I’ve witnessed His miracles, too.

The news seems to be majoring on the threatening powers of nations and their leaders. Wars increase along with the potential of power-hungry tyrants possibly turning to nuclear warfare. Was Mary given divine visions to know that her baby would be all the nations’ Ruler? Was she ever able to grasp that her firstborn was the Lord of all creation? Did she ever understand that Jesus would hold all power?

The meaningful song opens a wide range of thoughts and questions, but I’m grateful for THIS side of His story. On a daily basis I witness His power in the panorama of clouds displayed in my sight. I feel the cool winds blowing the change of seasons. I watch the moon’s cycles and marvel that the oceans’ tides respond to the moon’s gravitational pull. I hear the migrating geese follow their physical compass in their heads as they head south, reminding me that God is Lord of all creation. I hold our newborn great-grandson and stand in awe of new life. 

Could Mary fathom the breadth and scope of Immanuel’s arrival? It’s amazing that on THIS side of Christ’s birth we probably know more than Mary knew at the birth of the Savior. She was truly blessed to hold the Lamb of God in her arms, but I praise Him that I hold Him in my heart.

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