Moak could lobby for Bogue Chitto to receive sales tax revenue

Published 7:53 am Tuesday, December 19, 2023

BROOKHAVEN — Former State Representative, active attorney and Brookhaven’s board attorney Bobby Moak presented a consulting contract to the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors Monday. His consulting idea is to create a way for Bogue Chitto, a Hamlet, to receive sales tax revenue. 

Moak once wrote a piece of legislation for communities like Bogue Chitto, which had been a town but dropped below a current population of 600 people and lost its charter before 1945. The bill creating hamlets was passed in 2009. Moak said to his knowledge only Livingston and Bogue Chitto had taken advantage of the state law creating hamlets. 

His idea is an amendment to the legislation that would allow for Bogue Chitto and any other Hamlets to collect 18.5 percent of sales tax revenue generated in Bogue Chitto. Lincoln County Board Attorney Greg Malta said currently any county sales taxes go straight to the state’s general fund. Moak explained some nuances of the legislation. 

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“The county board sits as the governing authority of any hamlet in Mississippi. We can’t raise taxes,” Moak said. “We aren’t raising taxes with this but going back and picking up tax revenue we could get. It may take legislation and working with the tax commission to get it smoothed through. We aren’t talking about a lot of money but it will help. The revenue would come to the county board like a special fund and the board would vote how to spend it on the Hamlet.” 

Moak said for example for every $1,000,000 collected in sales taxes Bogue Chitto would get $13,000. It may not be big money but could always come in handy. 

“With the new session now is the time to move forward and see if you can get things done,” Moak said. “There is money out there to be gotten.”

The only catch for Lincoln County is Moak would require a consultant fee. Malta said Moak would act as a lobbyist for the county. No further action was taken on the discussion Monday.