Wonderful Counselor

Published 8:49 am Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Christmas season adds new life to prophetic verses each year. Isaiah holds some of the most beautiful and descriptive of the coming Messiah who was still centuries away when Isaiah wrote his prophetic verses.

The coming and promised Savior would hold many titles; Isaiah named some wonderful ones:

Wonderful Counselor — Isaiah said that he would not only be a counselor but a wonderful one. I can appreciate that because I’ve had some inferior counseling in my lifetime. Some well-meaning guidance counselors in college placed me in curriculums that only delayed my graduation goal. A wonderful Counselor would never give inferior direction or profitless advice. God’s Son gave counsel that was and is timeless and sound — and always for the benefit and blessing of His children.

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Mighty God — What a boast we Christians can make of our God. The Bible is heaped with stories of our mighty God fighting battles for His children and overcoming impossible odds as viewed from a human perspective. Our world with its globe-covering web and media that circles the world with almost instantaneous news coverage is overstocked with gods of all backgrounds and expected abilities. However, none have proven to have Jehovah God’s power and unlimited strength. My God doesn’t compel me to walk in my own power or depend on my own strength. It’s when I am weakest that his power becomes most evident. Not by my power or by my might but by His Spirit, my Mighty God acts and overcomes for His children. What a mighty God we serve!

Everlasting Father — How comforting to know there is no end to this wonderful Counselor, Mighty God and Father. My dad and I had time to spend on some long talks during his final days while coping with dialysis. After multiple years of life dependent upon machines, Daddy would often say, “I’m just worn out physically.” I’d remind him that we’re all wearing out — all dying a little each day. My dad’s death day came, and so will mine and all life forms’. The thought of having an Everlasting Father brings great comfort to all who understand life to be as lasting as a vapor.

Prince of Peace — With constant news of multiple wars demolishing countries and families in our world, I appreciated a sign I saw last week:  “Jesus, we long for your return and we pray for your peace.” I thought of the thousands of military families praying for peace throughout volatile areas in our world. There may be tiny segments of Christmas peace sorted among the world’s population, but world peace seems like a fantasy only to be found in fairy tales.  But — the peace that passes all understanding is in abundant supply for God’s children — the peace that keeps our hearts when our worlds reel from life’s tribulations.

Isaiah’s prophetic words came to life in Bethlehem on that first Christmas night He was called Immanuel — God with us. I’m convinced that we don’t meditate on that unbelievable thought often enough. How would our daily lives change if that one thought was our focus throughout each day? God with me! Then when a new believer can say, “God in me,” he has spoken the greatest miracle and truth known to man.

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