Brookhaven Elementary celebrates Christmas with writing competition

Published 9:16 am Monday, December 25, 2023

BROOKHAVEN — Students at Brookhaven Elementary celebrated the holiday season by participating in a Christmas Writing Competition this month. Third grade students were provided with two writing prompts to choose from.

While some students chose to write about trying on a pair of elf shoes and suddenly becoming an elf, other students described a terrible snowstorm where an evil snowman took over the city.

Fourth grade students read an article about Kevin McCallister’s multiple booby traps in the movie, Home Alone. After reading, students wrote their own version of Home Alone, and described their own, unique, booby trap.  

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The competition included an array of prizes for the top three students in each grade. Bank of Brookhaven donated $100 to each first-place winner. Second and third place winners received a variety of gift cards including Broma’s Deli, Huey Magoo’s, and a Visa gift card.

The BES PTA provided each winner with a snack basket, and Broma’s Deli provided all competing students with a cookie. A panel of three judges, including, Mrs. Pam Fearn (Former Principal), Mr. Rob McCreary (Former Principal), and Dr. Jessica Broome (Director of Curriculum and Instruction) deliberated and proclaimed a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for each grade. Winners and their teacher are listed as follows:  

3rd Grade- 

1st Place- Oshin Mclaurin, “Eliza’s Spectacular Christmas” (Mrs. Allie Piazza) 

2nd Place- Jaylen Thadison, “June the Elf Saves Christmas!” (Mrs. Allie Piazza) 

3rd Place- J’Marey Barlow, “Jack and the Elf Magic” (Mrs. Allie Piazza) 

Honorable Mention- Ben Nelson, “The Abominable Snowman” (Ms. Emily Shows) 

4th Grade- 

1st Place- Miller Lee (Mrs. Emily Duncan) 

2nd Place- Brasen Burris (Mrs. Valerie Ludlow) 

3rd Place- Si Sones (Mrs. Jessica Paulk) 


Eliza’s Spectacular Christmas

By: Oshin Mclaruin, first place, third grade

One girl named Eliza was walking on a cold and rainy day. As she neared the mailbox, she saw something unusual. When she got closer, she found some elf shoes. She decided to try them on and see what would happen. When she tried them on, she teleported to the North Pole.

When she arrived, she was very confused. She was not used to being around magic. As she looked around, she noticed elves saying “Hi!” However, she was no longer taller than the elves. She was the same height as them and she was wearing the same clothes! She began to cry as she realized that she was no longer at home. She was homesick.

As Santa was walking around the North Pole, he noticed a group of elves surrounding Eliza. Santa immediately knew what happened. Eliza’s curiosity had resulted in her turning into an elf. Santa explained, “Eliza, I see that you are sad. You are always welcome at the North Pole. Let’s get you home.” Santa took Eliza to the North Pole Bakery to get a magical cookie. Eliza hugged Santa goodbye and took a bite of the cookie.

Suddenly, Eliza was back home walking to the mailbox. When she went back inside, she noticed something new. There was an elf sitting on top of the fireplace. She said, “Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! Santa gave me an Elf on the Shelf!! Thank you Santa and MERRY ChRISTMAS to you and to all the elves!”

June the Elf Saves Christmas!

By: Jaylen Thadison, second place, third grade

Once upon a time there was a boy named June, and he was playing outside in the snow. He was playing in the snow because it was Christmas Eve. After two minutes, June decided he wanted to build a beautiful snowman. So he built a snowman with large bear-like ears and three brown buttons. To keep his snowman warm, June put a green scarf around his neck. June was pretty tired after all of his hard work. So June went to his warm, cozy home. After he took a nap, he went back outside. When he got outside, his snowman was gone! June was shocked, how does a snowman disappear? June exclaimed, “What happened to my snowman?!”

June went back inside to think about what happened to his snowman. Then for a second he cried. June said, “I wish I knew what happened to my beautiful snowman.” He sniffled and wiped his eye as a tear went down his cheek. Suddenly, an elf magically appeared. The elf pointed to the window, and June saw the city. June’s snowman was no longer a beautiful snowman, it was an evil snowman.

The snowman had come to life and began hurting the city. The Evil Snowman was destroying buildings, the city park, the playground at the school, the Christmas tree in the center of town, and the bakery famous for their gingerbread cookies. The Evil Snowman continued on his path of destruction, but June had other plans.

The Gingerbread Man escaped the bakery just in time. As June and the Elf ran towards town, they ran into the Gingerbread Man. Together as a team they fought the Evil Snowman. When June realized a special piece that he forgot to put on the snowman, he told the Elf to make a wish. The Elf immediately wished for a carrot. Seconds later a carrot was in his hand. All three of them said, “Thank you, Santa!” June ran with his might, the Gingerbread Man threw June into the air and the Elf helped June stay in the air with his magic. June pressed the carrot into the face of the snowman. The Evil Snowman paused and looked around.

The Evil Snowman said, “I have made a mistake and ruined Christmas for everyone. How can I make it better?” June said, “Next time, just tell me I forgot your nose!” The four of them laughed. June had an idea, “If we made a wish for a carrot, then can we wish for Santa to help us fix the town?” The Elf agreed and made the wish.

In the blink of an eye, the town was restored and Christmas music could be heard playing throughout the town. The Evil Snowman smiled, and began singing, “Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, good soul…” from that day on he was no longer The Evil Snowman, he was called Frosty the Snowman.

Jack and the Elf Magic

By: J’Marey Barlow, third place, third grade

On a cold, December day, Jack visited his Grandpa at his country cabin. Jack loved visiting the cabin because he could play with King the dog, his cousins, and they got to watch Grandpa play the guitar as they sang along. One day Jack was starting a fire in the fireplace when he heard something outside. He walked outside, looked around, and saw nothing. He gave up on his search and came back in. When he got inside, he saw some odd-looking shoes. He was curious, so he tried them on.

Jack started getting dizzy, as the world spun around, he was transported to the North Pole. He fell into a deep sleep, and was awakened by short people wearing funny hats and shoes. When he stood up, he realized they were not the only ones wearing a funny hat and funny shoes. Jack realized where he was. He was now one of Santa’s elves.

Santa’s head elf, Jeffery gave Jack a tour of the magical workshop. Jack was amazed at the amount of toys the elves made. The elves worked on toy cars, trains, and babydolls. Jack was instructed to begin working on a toy car. Jack tries his best, but he does not have the talents

of an elf. He asks Jeffery for help making the cars. Jeffery helps him become Santa’s number 1 toy car-making elf. As time went on Jack became one of Santa’s special helpers. Santa taught Jack how to check the list twice, work on the sleigh, and how to feed the reindeer. Jack loved Santa, and Santa loved Jack.

One day, Santa became very ill. Then Jack made Santa’s special soup. It is the only way to help him. After he ate it, he was better. Santa was so happy that Jack was able to help him feel better. To thank Jack, Santa took him on a special sleigh ride all the way back home. As Jack stepped out of the sleigh, he turned into a human again. Santa thanked Jack for his special help and gave him a magical snowball. Santa said, “I hope to see you again soon. If you ever want to visit, just shake this snowball and say, ‘Merry Christmas!’”

Miller Lee, first place, fourth grade

My name is Miller. It all started on the morning before Christmas. My family and I were packing for Christmas vacation at Hotel Noel in New York City. When I finished packing I went to my room, got in my bed, and watched tv until I fell asleep. We woke up early the next morning to leave for the airport. Everyone was running around so we would not be late leaving. It was my job to take out our dog Myla before we left to go. All of a sudden she made a run for the pond and everyone had to come help get her back in. Everyone was screaming that it was all my fault that we would miss our plane. My Mom said someone would have to stay home because It was time to go. My brother and I played rock, paper, scissors shoot and I lost. ”You lost!“ said my brother.

I was pretty down about missing our trip to Hotel Noel, but I guess it was my fault anyway. I decided to make it into an adventure and enjoy the peace and quiet. Everything was fine until about midnight. I heard some voices and decided to look at our security camera footage. When the motion lights cut on it spooked them and they ran down the driveway. I knew I had to come up with a good plan to keep them from breaking in! The first thing I decided to do was sneak out to the garage and get the punching bag, some rope, and hook. “I will tie the rope to the hook on the punching bag and tie it to the ceiling,” I whispered to myself. The next thing I did was scatter about 100 matchbox cars in front of the back door. I decided to gather my paintball gun and supplies and set them on the roof outside my window. Now I was ready for them if they came back.

I waited and watched until I fell asleep. I realized how much I loved and missed my family. I thought I heard my Mom call my name and then I realized she was screaming at me. All of a sudden I woke up and heard “It’s time to get up!” coming from my mom. We have to get to the airport! I sat up in the bed and realized I had been dreaming and I was going to get to go to Hotel Noel after all! I jumped out of bed and hugged my Mom and all of my family. Later I told them all about my dream.


Justus Brasen Burris, second place, fourth grade

On my birthday my mom and dad told me that they had made plans to go to the mountains for my birthday. But we have to get up really early because it’s a long drive ,so I tried to go to sleep but I was too excited but I finally fell asleep. But the next morning the house was quiet too quiet I checked the garage there cars were not there. It could only mean one thing?They had left me! I was left at home by myself. No one was here that means I’m the one that is protecting me and the house. So I start off by cleaning the kitchen, I just have one more thing to do before I end the afternoon, wash the dishes as I turn the sink off I see some kind of shadow pass the window.I get scared I turn every light back on and rush to hide under my moms bed. But I remember I’m the one protecting me and my house and I’m not gonna let some shadow bother me! But I think to myself who or what was that, I get from out under the bed and I hear talking. I open the window. I see two men talking saying they’ll strike and rob this house at 12:00 o’clock. I already knew what they were. Of course burglars! I immediately put my brain into action. I had to come up with a plan of some sort, but I already knew what I could do. I rushed to the store I bought just what I needed. My plan is to make a contraption that will knock him out the last thing is the sandbag out of the. Now I poured out the sand and filled it with tools and place a string on the doorknob and hang the sandbag over the door and when he opens the door it will knock him out until the police arrive. Now im done im just gonna eat my macaroni and cheese aaahhhh ding dong ding dong! Its time as the clock strike 12:00 I ran as fast as I could trying to find a hiding spot, I hid under the bed. Right I just need to wait? BONK ! There it is I run really fast to the phone and dial 911 im so proud of myself for doing this and seeing him behind bars.Im so tired but at least I dont have to worry about burglars bothering me tonight I just hope I see my parents again I hear the door open. Brasen MOM ! This is the best birthday ever. You dont have to go somewhere like vacation for my birthday. I’d rather have my vacation right here with family. THE END !thank you for reading my essay !